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Address: near LOT 2 Glenwood Park Drive
Glenwood NSW 2768


This a very unique playground is set at Alwyn Lindfield Reserve, located on Glenwood Park Drive in Glenwood. It is unfenced, unsheltered and suitable for toddlers. You can find climbing frame set with climbing net, slide, monkey bar and some interesting and challenging elements. There are covered picnic tables, BBQ, public toilets and car parking. There are sport courts for older kids and adults.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Discovery Park

    Playground:Discovery Park
    Playground for smaller children with lots of toys and plenty of spaces for running around. A circular bike path runs throught the park. A few benches are there for parents.
    between James Cook Drive, Orton Street and Knight Avenue, Kings Langley NSW 2147, Australia
  • Shanke Crescent

    Playground:Shanke Crescent
    The playground in Shanke Crescent is located on 10 Shanke Crescent, Kings Langley, New South Wales. The playground is located in a residential area. It has a see-saw swing, fort, slide, single pole merry-go-round, a rope bridge, a flying fox and spring riders all placed on soft fall. There is an unsheltered picnic table near the playground for snacks or lunches. There is an open field around the playground for children to run and play games in.
    10 Shanke Crescent, Kings Langley NSW 2147, Australia
  • Glenwood Lake Playground,Glenwood Park Dr.,NSW

    Playground:Glenwood Lake Playground,Glenwood Park Dr.,NSW
    The playground is located at Glenwood Lake on Glenwood Park Drive.It is big area with big grassy open field.Creek is near.Suitable for toddlers,has seats plenty of picnic table,bbq,basket ball court,bike path.Has 2play ground frames,swings,climbing equipment and more.Shady trees around.
    near 205 Glenwood Park Dr, Glenwood NSW 2768, Australia
  • Howe Pl

    Playground:Howe Pl
    The playground on Howe Place is located on 5 Howe Place, Kings Langley, New South Wales. The playground is located within a residential area. it has a fort, slide and see-saw all placed on soft fall for pre and primary schoolers.
    5 Howe Pl, Kings Langley NSW 2147, Australia
  • Stanhope Parkway Park, Stanhope Gardens

    The playground is located on Stanhope Parkway in Stanhope Gardens. It is unfenced, unsheltered and suitable for toddlers. There is climbing play unit with slide, climbing net, various poles, stand on spinner, see saw, a baby and a senior swing, and other climbing element for older kids. You can find covered picnic table. There is a large grassy space where kids can burn energy, too.
    near LOT 1100 Stanhope Parkway, Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768, Australia
  • Arno Terrace

    Playground:Arno Terrace
    Arno Terrace, is a playground located on 5 Arno Terrace, Glenwood New South Wales. The play ground has a fort, sliding pole, slide, swings and a climbing net all put on soft fall. The playground is suitable for pre and primary schoolers. Around the playground is a bicycle track and open field for running and playing in. The playground is partially fenced and is located in a residential area therefore. The park also has benches around the play ground therefore you can keep an eye on your kids as they play.
    5 Arno Terrace, Glenwood NSW 2768, Australia
  • Stanhope Reserve

    Playground:Stanhope Reserve
    This playground is set at Stanhope Reserve on Stanhope Parkway, Stanhope Gardens. You can find car parking on the end of Majestic Drive. There are two soft fall grounded play areas, unfenced, unsheltered. One play area has a big 4seats see saw, stand on spinner, 1 baby plus 2 senior swings, flying fox and a fort with sliding pole, slide and climbing frames. The another play area is set beside covered picnic area, there are springers and slide. There are more tables under cover and a covered BBQ. Sports courts and grassy spaces are there for more activities. Also, you can walk on paths through the reserve, you will find a small lake and the pretty Caddies Creek for more experiences. Superb place for an active day for all the family.
    near 1 Majestic Drive, Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768, Australia
  • Stanhope Gardens Shopping Centre

    Playground:Stanhope Gardens Shopping Centre
    A small fenced playground in front of a shopping centre with many cafes and places to eat.
    near 2 Sentry Drive, Stanhope Shopping Village, Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768, Australia

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