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Address: near 100 Belmore St
Ryde NSW 2112


This playground is located on Belmore Street. It is fenced and it has got a toddler combination equipment, triple swings, a mini climbing rope, spring toys. All toy equipment is placed on softfall. The area is great for picnics and going south you can find a restaurant not far from the park. There is also some parking area and accessible toilets. There is no fence between the play area and the river. (please make this article better up uploading some recent photos)



Ryde City Council ph: (02) 9952 8222

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Memorial Park

    Playground:Memorial Park
    This playground is located on Meadow Crescent inside Memorial Park. It is not fenced and unshaded. Toy equipment includes: one swing, a see saw, a monkey bar , spring rider and a fort with simple and tunel slides. Picnic areas with and without shelters, BBQs, seats and a cycle path are also available around the park.
    13 Meadow Crescent, Meadowbank NSW 2114, Australia
  • Bank St

    Playground:Bank St
    This small playground is located on Union Street. It is unfenced, unshaded and suitable for pre schoolers. Toy equipment includes: one fort with slide and a spring rider. At the side of the park you can find some parking as well.
    near 6 Union St, West Ryde NSW 2114, Australia
  • Bennelong Park

    Playground:Bennelong Park
    Bennelong Park is located on Waterview Street and right at a waterfront. This park is partially fenced and naturally shaded. There is basic toy equipment: one set of swings. There are some seats around the park as well.
    65 Waterview St, Putney NSW 2112, Australia
  • Bowden St Playground ,Bowden Street Ryde, NSW,

    Playground:Bowden St Playground ,Bowden Street Ryde, NSW,
    This little playground is set on Bowden St so can accessed from Shepherd St.It is fenced,sheltered with sails,shady trees around,suitable for toddlers and younger kids,has kiddy bike path trough the park,seats.Toys frame including slide,steps up,swings,monkey bar,open grassy area and some.Nice area with decorative nature elements.
    near 35 Shepherd St, Ryde NSW 2112, Australia
  • Cleves Park

    Playground:Cleves Park
    This playground is located on Douglas Street. It is partially fenced and with limited natural shade (mostly for the seat). Toy equipment includes: one set of swings, a see saw and a slide. There is some seating and parking around the park. Good open area space as well.
    2 Douglas St, Putney NSW 2112, Australia
  • Kissing Point Park

    Playground:Kissing Point Park
    This playground is on the foreshore of the Parramatta River and on Waterview Street. It is partially fenced and it has got lots of open field. Toy equipment includes: two forts (one for pre school kids and another for primary school ones) , one set of swings, and one spring rider. The equipment is set on softfall. Picnic and sheltered seating is also available. A sand digger and a bike track is around the park. There is access to a boat ramp as well. You can find some parking at the side of this park. It has it all :)
    45 Waterview St, Putney NSW 2112, Australia
  • Brays Reserve Playground,Rhodes NSW

    Playground:Brays Reserve Playground,Rhodes NSW
    This is an excellent playground at Brays Reserve on Concord Rd.Suitable for toddlers and older kids so for abelities. Has two play area.One is covered with sails.Toys:climbing frames,like hope climbing wall.slide,tunnel,bars,swings.Second is for young kids,fenced sheltered on sand so has climbing equipment:swings,slide etc. Lovely shady trees around and big grassy area for any games.You can find seats around,tables for picnic, car parking and path for scooters.
    near LOT 18 Concord Rd, Rhodes NSW 2138, Australia
  • Meadowbank Park

    Playground:Meadowbank Park
    This park is located on Consitution Road inside Meadowbank Park.It is fenced and shaded. It has a variety of toy equipment: a play system, a see-saw, a spring rocker and a slide. Toy equipment is placed on a softfall area. Around the park you can find sheltered picnic areas.
    117-119 Constitution Rd, Meadowbank NSW 2114, Australia

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