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Address: 29 Kanangra Crescent
Cherrybrook NSW 2126


Located on Kanangra Cres. Swings, slides, spring riders and climbing tower are almost natural shaded. Small cycling track nearby.



Hornsby Shire Council
ph: (02) 9847 6666

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Pogson Drive Park

    Playground:Pogson Drive Park
    This small playground is located on Pogson Drive. It is unfenced and unshaded. You can find basic toy equipment: a set of swings.
    near 5 Pogson Drive, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia
  • Carmen Crescent Playground

    Playground:Carmen Crescent Playground
    This playground is located on Carmen Crescent. It is fenced and naturally shaded as it is set with a bushland background. As toy equipment you can find a wooden fort with a slide and a set of swings. This place offers picnic tables as well.
    38 Carmen Crescent, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia
  • Lakes of Cherrybrook playground

    Playground:Lakes of Cherrybrook playground
    Nice, beautiful shadded playground opposite the Cherrybrook shopping centre. There are nice walks around the lakes, just outside the fenced area. A pleasant local playground with fort, including slide, climbing wall and other climbing toys and bridge. There's also see-saw and some swings. Sheltered picnic tables are beside the playground so bring lunch with you and have a lovely afternoon in the park.
    56-62 Shepherds Dr, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia
  • Parkhill Crescent Park

    Playground:Parkhill Crescent Park
    This park is located on Parkhill Crescent. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a set of swings, a slide and two spring riders.
    8 Parkhill Crescent, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia
  • Yanderra Grove Reserve Playground, Cherrybrook

    Playground:Yanderra Grove Reserve Playground, Cherrybrook
    This small playground is located on Macquarie Drive in Cherrybrook. The playground is partially fenced, naturally shaded and suitable for toddlers. You can find a swing set and benches under shady trees.
    near Macquarie Drive, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia
  • Gumnut Playground Cherrybrook

    Playground:Gumnut Playground Cherrybrook
    The Gumnut Playground offers a large area for playing. The lawn can be used to play badminton, ball etc. The Playground area is equipped with a fort, slide, spring riders and swings.
    1 Holly Rd, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia
  • Fallon Drive Reserve

    Playground:Fallon Drive Reserve
    This small playground is located on Fallon Drive. It is fenced and naturally shaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with two slides. You can also find a spring rider.
    near 17 Fallon Drive, Dural NSW 2158, Australia
  • Elderberry Park

    Playground:Elderberry Park
    Elederberry park is found at the end of Elderberry Pl, Cherrybrook NSW. A nice clean local playground with swings (inc on baby swing), a small slide, spring rider and a small fort with a sliding pole. Nice quiet area and some shade from the trees beside the equipment.
    End of Elderberry Pl, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia

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