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Address: near 14-16
Mitchell Street
NSW 2205


Arncliffe Park has 2 playground areas. 1 on Mitchell Street side which is fenced in and the other on Broe Avenue side which is not fenced in. There is plenty of space and open fields in the park and it also houses a cricket pitch with practice nets for the older kids.



Rockdale City Council
ph: (02) 9562 1666

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Turrella Reserve

    Playground:Turrella Reserve
    Playground is located amongst the trees which can offer it a lot of shade. There's a fort with slide, monkey bars and two sets of swings (incl one baby). Since there's a lot of open space around kids can run around or play ball games.
    end of Arncliffe Rd, Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia
  • Spring St

    Playground:Spring St
    This playground is situated on Spring Street and has been built mainly to entertain the younger kids; however there is a medium sized field adjacent to it which could be used to kick a ball by the older & younger kids alike. There is a canal running alongside the playground which is fenced off from the play area and field. There will be some road noise. There are plenty of trees creating natural shade.
    Spring Street, Banksia NSW 2216, Australia
  • Gardiner Park

    Playground:Gardiner Park
    This is a quaint little playground which is geared mainly for the younger kids. The playground is completely fenced in and is located on the corner of Gardiner Avenue & Wolli Creek Road in Bardwell Park. It has a small bicycle track for the beginner cyclists and some soft fall ground cover to protect the little ones from any hard falls. With a cricket field alongside it, there is minimal noise here, other than what is generated by the two suburban roads bordering the playground.
    Corner of Wolli Creek Road and Gardiner Ave, Bardwell Park NSW , 2216, Australia
  • Riverine Park

    Playground:Riverine Park
    This playground is located on the corners of Firmstone Garden and West Botany Streets in Arncliffe. The entire playground is sheltered with many things for the smaller kids to keep busy with including the sand pit which covers the base area of the playground. There are sheltered picnic tables for the adults and a large open field adjacent to the playground for the older kids.
    West Botany Street, Arncliffe NSW , 2205, Australia
  • Steel Park, Sydney

    This playground has been renewed and themed "water play". You better bring a bathing suit here for kids or prepaire to take them home in wet clothes. They won't be able to resist water play. There are several other toys including slides, swings and climbing net. One of the attractions of the playground is a great flying fox. Bring along your lunch, there are a couple of BBQs there and picnic tables. Park is nice and shady so it doesn't get too hot during summer days. Have fun! Please help make this article better and add some photos and data, thank you
    near 603 Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia
  • Lorraine Ave

    Playground:Lorraine Ave
    This playground can be found on Lorraine & Alsace Avenues in Bardwell Valley, Sydney. It is a pleasant playground for the younger kids with a very large open field surrounding it which provides the older kids with options of entertainment like kicking a ball; however there are very few trees so shade is limited. Being situated in a suburban area and bordered by Bardwell Gold Course, means that this playground provides a peaceful and relatively quiet setting.
    LOT 15 Lorraine Ave, Bardwell Valley NSW 2207, Australia
  • Gough Whitlam Park, Pine Ave

    Playground:Gough Whitlam Park, Pine Ave
    This small playground is one of two in Gough Whitlam Park (the other one is on Bayview Avenue). Kids can play on two forts with slide or run around and play ball games. There's a bike track starting at the parking lot. Closer to the beach are a couple of sheltered picnic tables and BBQ's.
    near 1 Pine Avenue, Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia
  • Wanstead Reserve

    Playground:Wanstead Reserve
    This is nice little basic playground with swings, slide and see-saw. There's a bench situated in the shade. Kids have a lot of space to run around ot play ball games or ride their bikes on the path.
    near 1 Olwyn Place, Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia

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