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Address: 61 Columbine Ave
Punchbowl NSW 2196


Arthur Park is located on 61 Columbine Avenue, Punchbowl, New South Wales. It is situated near residential homes. It's suitable for pre, primary and high schoolers. It has a basketball court and playground that has a fort, slides, spring riders, swings and a monkey bar. The play ground is set on soft fall. The park also has a bicycle track for pre and primary schoolers. There is an open filed in the park for running around and playing games. There is a sheltered picnic tables therefore parents can have snacks or lunches with children there. There are benches all around the playground and the basketball courts so parents can keep an eye on their children as they have fun as they talk and meet other parents. The park is partially fenced. There are bumps near the park and a Zebra crossing for kids. Therefore cars slow down around the park.



Bankstown City Council
ph: (02) 9707 9999

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    Playground:Ruse Park II
    This playground is in the southern end of Ruse Park, with access from Marshall Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a play system and a set of swings. Among facilities you can find sheltered seating, a walking and cycling tracks and a open field. This place is suitable for large families and groups. You can spend some time just riding your bikes along the tracks through the various fields and across the bridges.
    near 48 Marshall St, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia
  • Punchbowl Park

    Playground:Punchbowl Park
    Punch Bowl Park is located on 33 Viola Street adjacent to McPherson Avenue. The park also has a lawn tennis court suitable for primary and high schoolers. The park also has a playground that has a fort, slides, monkey bar, spring rider and rope bridge for pre and primary schoolers. There is lots of parking space and benches all around the field and playground therefore parents can watch their children play different sports and have fun on the playground in comfort. The park also has changing rooms and an indoor facility. Punch Bowl Park is a No Alcohol Zone.
    33 Viola St, Punchbowl NSW 2196, Australia
  • McLaughlin Oval playground

    Playground:McLaughlin Oval playground
    The fully shaded playground is on the Wiggs Road at the McLaughlin Oval in Sidney, which is fenced and has a bike path and a parking for cars. Some trees give a shade and have a little open field. Across the road is the Craig Street Reserve with hearths and shaded picnic tables and seats beside a little creek, a good place for a BBQ picnic with children. This soft fall coveraged playground is suitable for toddlers. The equipment are: two swings, a large spiral slide .... tables and seats. A good place for children to play until the lunch fry.
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  • Salt Pan Reserve Playground, Kentucky Rd, Riverwood,NSW

    Playground:Salt Pan Reserve Playground, Kentucky Rd, Riverwood,NSW
    The playground is set at Salt Pan Reserve on Kentucky rd. It is small area but shaded and partially fenced. Shady trees around, bike and walk path,car parking, benches.Open area is good for some games and run around for child. The equipment are: little fort with slides, ladders,steps and some climbing frames.
    near 48 Kentucky Rd, Riverwood NSW 2210, Australia
  • Riverwood Wetlands

    Riverwood Wetlands Playground is located on Belmore Road North, Riverwood. Unfenced, unsheltered, colorful rubber soft fall grounded. The equipment includes slides, small climbing wall, climbing net, spiral balance beam, big net swing. There is a skate park for the older kids, and cool bike track for the small bikers. You can find seats, picnic tables and BBQs, while the kids are burning energy you can cook them some fine outdoor lunch. Also, you can bring blanket to lounging in the grass. Pretty nice and lovely walk paths for more experiences and nice, relaxing view. Car parking and toilets are available, too. Pretty nice place to send your time with quality after a busy week. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
    near 151 Belmore Road North, Riverwood NSW 2210, Australia
  • Werona Ave

    Playground:Werona Ave
    Werona Avenue playground is located on 19 Werona Avenue, Punchbowl, New South Wales. The playground has a swing, fort, slides and a spring rider. It also has an open field nearby for children to run around in. The playground is suitable for pre and primary schoolers. The playground is set in a residential area.
    19 Werona Ave, Punchbowl NSW 2196, Australia
  • Old Kent Rd

    Playground:Old Kent Rd
    The playground on Old Kent Road is located on 26 Old Kent Road, Greenacre, New South Wales. The playground is located in a residential area. It has swings, a slide, rope bridge, fort, spring rider and a monkey bar all placed on soft fall. There are two benches around the playground for parents to sit on and keep an eye on their children. There is a bit of natural shade where there swings are. The playground is not fenced.
    26 Old Kent Rd, Greenacre NSW 2190, Australia
  • Riverwood Park Playground,Coleridge st. Riverwood, NSW

    Playground:Riverwood Park Playground,Coleridge st. Riverwood, NSW
    There is a small cute playground at Riverwood Park on Coleridge St.It is fenced, sheltered with very big open area.Shady trees around.Suitable for toddlers and for all ages. Has seats, car parking,water for drink, toiltes.Toys: climbing spider net, climbing frames with little fort,stand on spinner, spring rider,pannel table.
    near 100 Coleridge St, Riverwood NSW 2210, Australia

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