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Address: off Barrenjoey Rd (south end of Avalon Beach)
Avalon NSW 2107


Avalon Beach Park is a small playground situated at just back from the south end of Avalon Beach. Toy equipment for this park includes: one fort with slide and standing poles to play with. This area is not fenced and it is recommended for primary schools kids. Around the playground there are seats and a variety of nearby facilities such as: cafes, a shopping centre, a surf club, Community Centre and parking. The area is suitable for picnics as well. On Barrenjoey Road you can find a bus stop.



Pittwater Council ph: (02) 9970 1111

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  • Dunbar Park

    Playground:Dunbar Park
    Dunbar Park is found beside the car park in Bowling Green Lane, Avalon. Behind the RSL and next to the guide hall. The clean and pleasant playground is also beside a large playing field. Set back from the beach a bit it is protected from much of the wind, but still a pleasant walk if you want to cross the road and head down to the waves.
    near 59 Bowling Green Ln, Avalon NSW 2107, Australia
  • Koala Place Reserve

    Playground:Koala Place Reserve
    This small area playground is inside Koala Place Reserve. It is not fenced and it is located inside a residential area. This place is suitable for picnics. One swing is available for primary school kids.
    near 2 Koala Pl, (corner of Elouera Rd) Avalon NSW 2107, Australia
  • Jamieson Park

    Playground:Jamieson Park
    Jamieson Park is located Barrenjoey Road and it is a small naturally shaded playground. Toy equipment consists of: one see-saw, one baby swing and one regular swing for kids. Benches and one picnic table are also available in the same area.The area is partially fenced. Toy equipment is designed for babies and pre school kids. Going south and on Barrenjoey Road you can find a bus stop.
    near 743 Barrenjoey Rd, (corner of Eastbourne Ave) Avalon NSW 2107, Australia
  • Palmgrove Park

    Playground:Palmgrove Park
    This is a small playground situated inside Palm Grove Park, on Dress Circle Road, Avalon. It is partially fenced and it is not on a busy road. The area is great for picnics and bushwalks. At this park you can find two swings as toy equipment for primary school kids. You can find animals and plants to look around and there are also native birds and animals. What a fantastic place!
    near 23 Dress Circle Rd, Avalon NSW 2107, Australia
  • Weetawaa Road Reserve

    Playground:Weetawaa Road Reserve
    This small naturally shaded playground is inside Weetawa Road Reserve. It offers a swing as a toy equipment. The area is not fenced but it is inside a residential area. Great area for picnics. There are seats and tables as well.
    near 3 Weetawaa Rd, Bilgola NSW 2107, Australia
  • Gunyah Place Reserve

    Playground:Gunyah Place Reserve
    This playground is found at the end of Gunyah Place Reserve. It offers open space for free play and a couple of swings as toy equipment. Playground is not fenced but it is not on a busy road.
    End of Gunyah Pl, Avalon NSW 2107, Australia
  • Catalpa Reserve

    Playground:Catalpa Reserve
    A nice playground in a fairly natural setting, with the main entrance from Catalpa Ave. A few open areas, plenty of trees for hide an seek, some clean plastic play equipment, slides, swing and a spinning thing. Please take a few photos to upload on your next visit to make this article better.
    near 8 Catalpa Ave, Avalon NSW 2107, Australia
  • Plateau Park, Bilgola Plateau

    Playground:Plateau Park, Bilgola Plateau
    This playground is located on Plateau Road. It has a swing, slide and some climbers with other tools. It's shaded and located in a park.
    near 6 Bilambee Avenue, Bilgola Beach NSW 2107, Australia

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