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Address: Marella Avenue
Kellyville NSW 2155


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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Wrights Rd Reserve

    Playground:Wrights Rd Reserve
    This playground is located on Wright Road and Lavender Avenue. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a double slide, a merry go round and a monkey bar. Next to it you can find another fort with a slide. This playground is partially sheltered.
    19 Lavender Avenue, Kellyville Nueva Gales del Sur 2155, Australia
  • Kellyville Rotary Park

    Playground:Kellyville Rotary Park
    Nicely shaded playground with basic toy equipment - two slides, swings (one baby), single pole see saw, spring rider and some climbing toys. There's a bench in the shade. Parking is available on Mediati Avenue.
    corner of Glenrowan Avenue and Madiati Avenue, Sydney NSW 2155, Australia
  • Mount Saint Frances Reserve

    Playground:Mount Saint Frances Reserve
    A big playground with many climbing toys and a large grassy area for ball games or running around. It's not fenced and there's no shade either.
    next to 4 Jupiter Road, Kellyville NSW 2155, Australia
  • Kellyville Memorial Park, Kellyville

    Playground:Kellyville Memorial Park, Kellyville
    The park is located in Memorial Avenue and inside Kellyville Memorial Park, Kellyville. It is unfenced. There are tennis courts and netball courts for older kids. There is a playground here but we have not visited yet. Please email me some photos when you visit and we can get the article up quickly for other parents. Thank You!
    near 60 Memorial Avenue, Kellyville NSW 2155, Australia
  • Fred Caterson Reserve

    Playground:Fred Caterson Reserve
    This park is located on Caterson Drive inside Fred Caterson Reserve. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a play system with a slide, a climbing net and a monkey bar. This reserve has a lot to offer and you can also find cycle and walking tracks, picnic tables at the side of the playgrounds and toilets, sports fields (cricket, baseball), tennis courts and BMX tracks for kids to enjoy.
    near Sydney NSW 2154, Australia
  • Beaumont Dr Playground,Beaumont Hills,NSW

    Playground:Beaumont Dr Playground,Beaumont Hills,NSW
    This playground is set on Beaumont Dr.can be accessed from Hester Way. Two play area,one is fenced for younger kids.There are sheltered with sails.Has big open grassy area for many games.Shady trees around.Near the bike path or walk.The equipments are includes fort system with two slides,ladders,climbing frames,poles,swings and some climbing frames.There is covered picnic table,seats,car parking.
    near 47-69 Layton Way, Beaumont Hills NSW 2155, Australia
  • Smalls Creek Way

    Playground:Smalls Creek Way
    This playground is located on Smalls Creek Way. It is unfenced and unshaded. Toy equipment looks like a castle which is pretty cool. Among toy equipment you can find: one fort with slide at one area. At another area you can find some seating area. Park also includes a bike track. Additionally to the park there is some bushland backdrop.
    18 Smalls Creek Way, Beaumont Hills NSW 2155, Australia
  • Roy Dudley Park Playground, NSW

    Playground:Roy Dudley Park Playground, NSW
    There is a small playground situated at Roy Dudley Park on Bramton Dr.The play area is unfenced,unsheltered.Has big open area for some games,bike path and shady trees around.The toys:forth with different climbers frames including net, ladders, slides and other toys. You can find covered picnic table.
    near 1 Brampton Dr, Beaumont Hills NSW 2155, Australia

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