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Address: near 1395-1401 Pittwater Rd
Narrabeen NSW 2101


This playground is located on Pittwater Road. It is fully fenced and partially shaded. Toy equipment includes: two forts with slide, a playhouse, a set of swings and a slide with a climbing net. There are also seating and picnic areas. This challenging playground serves pre school and primary school kids. Next to this park Narrabeen Lagoon can be found. Parking is available at the side of the park.



Warringah Council
ph: (02) 9942 2111

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Birwood Park

    Playground:Birwood Park
    This playground is located on Ocean Street and King Street. This park offers a great view to Narrabeen beach. Toy equipment includes: one fort with slide and a set of swings. All equipment is set on a softfall area. It is fenced and unshaded. There are also two picnic tables at the side of this park.
    near 87-89 Ocean St, NSW, Australia
  • Wimbeldon Reserve

    Playground:Wimbeldon Reserve
    This playground is located inside Wimbeldon Reserve the the shore of Narrabeen Lakes, Wimbledon Ave. Toy equipment includes: one baby swing and one regular swing for older kids, one fort with a slide and climbing wall. The whole equipment is set on a sandpit. Moreover, this playground is partially fenced, with off srteet parking. The area got some benches to sit around the playground. Great place to relax with kids.
    near 65 Wimbledon Ave, North Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia
  • Wheeler Park

    Playground:Wheeler Park
    This playground is located on Lakeside Road at the front of Narrabeen Lagoon. It is fully fenced and shaded. It is separated into two parts. First part includes a set of swings and a second part includes: one fort with two slides. There is also a shaded picnic table and two unshaded picnic ones around this park. All equipment is set on a softfall area.
    near 34 Goodwin St, Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia
  • Narroy Park

    Playground:Narroy Park
    This playground is located on Narroy Road. The playground area includes: one fort with a slide, four swings, one spring rider, a a sliding pole. There are two picnic tables around the park and parking area. There is open field as well.
    near 25 Narroy Rd, North Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia
  • Bilarong Reserve

    Playground:Bilarong Reserve
    This playground is located inside Bilarong Reserve and at the front of an open water. It is sheltered and fully fenced. Toy equipment includes: one slide, a climbing net, a see saw and two spring riders. It is suitable for pre-schoolers and primary school kids. This is a good area for picnics and there is sheltered space. Parking is available. At this reserve you can find native birds and animals.
    LOT 8 Wakehurst Pkwy, North Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia
  • Birdwood Park Playground, Narrabeen NSW

    Playground:Birdwood Park Playground, Narrabeen NSW
    Located on Cnr Ocean and Malcolm Streets, set beside the North Narrabeen Surf Life Saving Club. It is partly shaded by sails, fully fenced, soft fall grounded. Best for younger kids. The equipment: slide, climbers, sliding pole, spring rider, see saw, swigs and bench at the side for parents. There is a shaded picnic area out of the fence with table and bbq. Big car park. Nice panorama.
    near 2 Malcolm Street, Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia
  • Lakeside Park

    Playground:Lakeside Park
    Lakeside Park is located on Lakeside Road and near a water front. It is not fenced and toy equipment includes: one swing, one merry go round and one climbing net. Around the park you an find a cycle trac, some parking. At one side of Lakeside Road you can find some shops. At the other side on the same street you can find a cafe. Aqua Fun Park is also located near the park. Good area with plenty of facilites to enjoy.
    near 12-14 Lake Park Rd, North Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia
  • Ramsay Reserve

    Playground:Ramsay Reserve
    This playground is situated inside Ramsay Reserve and on Ramsay Street. It is fully fenced and naturally shaded.Toy equipment includes one fort, a climbing net, two baby swings and a spring rider. All equipment is placed on a softfall area. You can find some seats around this park.
    2-4 Ramsay St, Collaroy NSW 2097, Australia

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