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Address: near 397 Barrenjoey Road
Newport NSW 2106


This playground is set at Bert Payne Park on Barrenjoey Road, Newport. Fenced, unsheltered, suitable for toddlers. The equipment includes fort, slides, bridge, climbing frames, sliding pole, see saw, spring riders and swings. There are benches inside the fenced area, also picnic tables and BBQs outside the fence. Next to the playground there is a big grassy field, great for frisbee, sports and ball games, even to kite fly. You can enjoy walk and bike path. And of course the beach! Across the road you can grab some fine seafood at Ocean Master Fish & Chips. Great place for family picnics.



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    Playground:Trafalgar Park
    This playground is located on Queens Parade & Stuart St, Newport. It is naturally sheltered and among toy equipment you can find: one swing, a fort with a climbing net and a slide and some seats around. This park is not fenced. Off street parking is available on Queens Parade. There is a lot of open field area as well
    near 23 Queens Parade (corner of Stuart St), Newport NSW 2106, Australia
  • Algona Reserve

    Playground:Algona Reserve
    Get inside Algona Reserve and Explore! This is a small playground situated inside the reserve with one see- saw as toy equiment. There's street parking and a small open area to enjoy and play in, nice fairly natural setting
    Corner of Joanne Pl and Algona St, Bilgola NSW 2107, Australia
  • Plateau Park, Bilgola Plateau

    Playground:Plateau Park, Bilgola Plateau
    This playground is located on Plateau Road. It has a swing, slide and some climbers with other tools. It's shaded and located in a park.
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  • Crescent Reserve

    Playground:Crescent Reserve
    This playground is found on Crescent Road and Winura Crescent inside Crescent Reserve. It is naturally shaded and it is not fenced. You can find these toy equipment at the playground: a fort with a slide and a monkey bar. This playground is suitable for pre-school and primary school kids. There is a bus stop near the playground on Beaconsfield Road.
    near 168 Crescent Rd (corner of Wiruna Cres), Newport NSW 2106, Australia
  • Palmgrove Park

    Playground:Palmgrove Park
    This is a small playground situated inside Palm Grove Park, on Dress Circle Road, Avalon. It is partially fenced and it is not on a busy road. The area is great for picnics and bushwalks. At this park you can find two swings as toy equipment for primary school kids. You can find animals and plants to look around and there are also native birds and animals. What a fantastic place!
    near 23 Dress Circle Rd, Avalon NSW 2107, Australia
  • Weetawaa Road Reserve

    Playground:Weetawaa Road Reserve
    This small naturally shaded playground is inside Weetawa Road Reserve. It offers a swing as a toy equipment. The area is not fenced but it is inside a residential area. Great area for picnics. There are seats and tables as well.
    near 3 Weetawaa Rd, Bilgola NSW 2107, Australia
  • Florence Park

    Playground:Florence Park
    This playground is located on Prince Alfred Parade St and near a water front, nice view. It is not fenced but there is a little natural shad. Toy equipment includes: one fort with a slide, one swing, and a spring rider. This park is suitable for picnics. Just in front of this park you can find some parking and a cycle path.
    122 Prince Alfred Parade, Newport NSW 2106, Australia
  • Koala Place Reserve

    Playground:Koala Place Reserve
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    near 2 Koala Pl, (corner of Elouera Rd) Avalon NSW 2107, Australia

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