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Address: near 124 Bigge Street
Liverpool NSW 2170


This playground is set at Bigge Park, located on Bigge Street in Liverpool. It is fenced, unsheltered and best suited for older kids. Equipment: climbing structure with climbing nets, climbing wall and more interesting elements. There are tennis courts next to the plaz area. There are benches under natural shade. Nice relaxing park.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Light Horse Park Playground, Liverpool

    Playground:Light Horse Park Playground, Liverpool
    This playground is set in the Light Horse Park, located on Newbridge Road in Liverpool. The playground is unfenced, unsheltered and suitable for toddlers. As play equipment you can find slide, monkey bars, flying foxe, climbing structures, ladders, noughts and crosses, a baby and a senior swing and some other toys. There are sheltered picnic tables, BBQs, public toilets, steam tractor, and surrounded with some grass, good for ball games or just to run around.
    near Newbridge Road, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
  • Liverpool Apex Park Playground, NSW

    This good playground is found on the corner of Copeland Street and Elizabeth Drive. The play area is unfenced, unsheltered - but partly shady by trees, soft fall grounded, suitable for toddlers. The play equipment: baby and senior swing, see saw, springers, fort with two lookouts, bridge, monkey bars, climbing wall and other climbing frames, slides and other entertaining elements. There are few covered picnic tables around. Open grass beside, also walk/bike paths through the park. Off street car parking.
    near 34 Copeland Street, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
  • Haigh Park Playground, Chipping Norton

    Playground:Haigh Park Playground, Chipping Norton
    This playground is set is Haigh Park, located on Hull Place in Moorebank. This playground there is the river side. As play equipment you can find a metal ship structure with wooden bridge, slide, ladder, flying fox, spring rider and a baby and a senior swing. There are few sheltered picnic areas with tables and BBQs. Public toilets and car parking, too.
    near Hull Place, Moorebank NSW 2170, Australia
  • Collimore Park Playground, LIverpool

    Playground:Collimore Park Playground, LIverpool
    This playground is set at the Collimore Park in Liverpool. It is unfenced and unsheltered. There is a nest swing and rope climbing tower, also there are more tennis and basketball courts, great for kids and adults. There is a sheltered picnic table and BBQ. Car parking, too.
    near LOT 1 Collimore Avenue, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
  • Hart Park Playground, Warwick Farm NSW

    Playground:Hart Park Playground, Warwick Farm NSW
    A well equipped playground which is located on Hart St, by the rail way. It has two shaded play areas, one with baby and senior swing, the other with springers and play unit - slides, monkey bars, flying fox, bridge, sliding pole, climbing wall, abacus, shop front, noughts and crosses. This playground is suitable for older kids as well as for toddlers. Between the two areas there is a picnic shelter. Also, benches around. For few meters away from the play unit, there is a fitness circuit. Beside the swings there is a basketball half court for older kids. Plenty of car parking just there.
    near 20 Hart Street, Warwick Farm NSW 2170, Australia
  • Dunbier Park Playground, Liverpool NSW

    Playground:Dunbier Park Playground, Liverpool NSW
    Located on the corner of Mill Rd and Nagle St. Unfenced, soft fall grounded, shady by trees. There is some grass beside and nice big trees. The play equipment incl. bigger and toddler slide, bridge, climbing wall, small sliding pole, noughts and crosses, spiral pole, monkey bars. Best for younger kids. Seating beside.
    Cnr Mill Rd and Nagle St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
  • Argrave Park Playground, Warwick Farm NSW

    Playground:Argrave Park Playground, Warwick Farm NSW
    Small playground by the Brickmakers Creek, across the Lawrence Hargrave Road is Warwick Farm Public School. Unfenced, unsheltered. There is a playhouse with abacus, a slide, stepping stones and a rock wall. Benches beside.
    near 102 Lawrence Hargrave Road, Warwick Farm NSW 2170, Australia
  • Discovery Park Playground, Liverpool NSW

    Playground:Discovery Park Playground, Liverpool NSW
    Accessed on Charles St. Unfenced, unsheltered - but there are trees around, soft fall grounded. The play equipment includes some basic toys as swings, monkey bar, slide and others. Nice grassy rooms in the park, trees, walk/bike path. Bneches.
    near 45-47 Charles Street, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

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