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Address: 41 Prince Edward Street
Blackheath Nueva Gales del Sur 2785


{{Playground| This playground is located on Prince Edward Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide and a set of swings. There is a lot of open field area and a tennis court.|41 Prince Edward Street
Blackheath Nueva Gales del Sur 2785



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Memorial Gardens, Blackheath

    Playground:Memorial Gardens, Blackheath
    This is a large park area situated on Prince Edward Street in Blackheath. Besides offering plenty of playground equipment for kids of all ages and spread over 3 playground areas, the park also boasts loads of open grassed areas for the older kids to entertain themselves in. There are plenty of trees offering shade as well as sheltered picnic tables for the adults to relax around. There are electric barbeques available as well as a public pool area which is open for the summer months.
    Prince Edward Street, Blackheath NSW, 2785, Australia
  • Great Western Hwy

    Playground:Great Western Hwy
    This playground is located on the Great Western Highway in Blackheath and offers something for all ages. Well equipped for the juniors and older, the playground borders a skateboard park which will keep the older kids entertained. Although a relaxing scene is set, there is road noise from time to time.
    Great Western Highway, Blackheath NSW, 2785, Australia
  • Memorial Park Playground, Mount Victoria

    Playground:Memorial Park Playground, Mount Victoria
    This playground is located on Montgomery Street. It has swings and spring rider. Seats around.
    near 92A Great Western Highway, Mount Victoria NSW 2786, Australia
  • Bert Hinkler Park, Katoomba

    Situated on the corners of Warialda & Katoomba Streets in Katoomba, this park is small but accommodating for all. Offering various playground equipment for the younger kids as well as grassed areas for older kids and plenty of shade and picnic tables for the adults, makes this playground small, but comfortable.
    Katoomba Street, Katoomba NSW, 2780, Australia
  • Grose St Reserve

    Playground:Grose St Reserve
    This playground is located on Grose Street. It is unfenced and shaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide a set of swings and a monkey bar.At the side you can find an unsheltered picnic table.
    8 Grose Street, Leura Nueva Gales del Sur 2780, Australia
  • Craigend St

    Playground:Craigend St
    This playground is situated on the corner of Craigend Street & Jersey Avenue in Leura. It has various playground equipment to keep the younger kids happy while the parents relax at a picnic table.
    Craigend Street, Leura NSW, 2780, Australia
  • Leura Cascades park playground

    Playground:Leura Cascades park playground
    A nice place to have a break. There are several picnic tables and swings (inlcuding baby and one for disabled).
    On Chelmsford Drive, Blue Mountains National Park, Leura NSW 2780, Australia
  • Cliff Dr

    Playground:Cliff Dr
    Found on the corners of Cliff & Tourist 5 Drives in Katoomba, this playground has been built with the younger kids in mind. The playground equipment is small and meant to entertain the youngest ones while everyone else in the family watches a game of cricket. It has a toilet facility as well as the Katoomba Floodlit Walk in walking distance from the playground.
    Cliff Drive, Katoomba NSW, 2780, Australia

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