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Address: 812 Merrylands Road
Greystanes NSW 2145


Bolaro Avenue Reserve is situated behind the tenis court (from Bolaro Ave). Entrances and parkings are from Bolaro Ave. and Merrylands Rd.. Playground is in the middle of quite large Greystanes Sportsground and has rubber basis. Kids can play on couple of spring riders, swings, slide, climbing net and monkey bar. They can also run around, there is a lot of space which is fenced. There is no shade on the playground, but there are lots of trees near the playground. There are quite some benches to seat arond. Across the street at Greystanes Public School on Marrylands Rd. there is also a bus station.



Holroyd City Council, ph: (02) 9840 9840,,

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  • Bolaro Ave Park

    Playground:Bolaro Ave Park
    This playground is located on Bolaro Avenue. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a set of two monkey bars and a slide. At the side you can find a spring rider and two benches.
    126 Bolaro Avenue, Greystanes NSW 2145, Australia
  • Alpha Road Park

    Playground:Alpha Road Park
    This playground is located on Dhalia Street. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide, a monkey bar and a set of swings. There is plenty of open space area.

  • Benaud Street Park

    Playground:Benaud Street Park
    Benaud Street Park is a nice small playground, fenced and unsheltered. The entrance is from a walking path going by on the west side perpendicular on Benaud Street (here you can park a car). There is quite lot of shade. You can find spring rider, see saw and a climbing net.There is also a Kennedy Health Care Group - Merrylands Aged Care Center nearby.
    opposite 21 Benaud Street, Greystanes NSW 2145, Australia
  • Gregory Park, Greystanes

    Playground:Gregory Park, Greystanes
    There is a small but cute playground at Gregory Park on Gregory St, Greystanes. There is a play system with nice painted pannels, slide, bridge, sliding pole, climbing frames, and there are two senior swings. Large grassy area is good for kids to burn some more energy, running around and play ball games. You can sit on one of the benches at the side under shady trees. Or bring a blanket and some sandwiches and make a, enjoyable picnic with the littlies.
    near LOT 36 Gregory Street, Greystanes NSW 2145, Australia
  • Adler Parade Park, Greystanes, NSW

    Playground:Adler Parade Park, Greystanes, NSW
    Adler Parade park is good place for kids to burn some energy. The entrance is from north-east on Adler Parade. Car parking is right beside the playground on Adler Parade. Playground is fenced all around. The play equipment includes a slide with steps, swings (one for toddlers) and a climbing net. There is also some shade available on hot days. Nice place, good for running around and playing games.
    43 Adler Parade, Greystanes NSW 2145, Australia
  • Central Gardens, Betts Rd

    Playground:Central Gardens, Betts Rd
    There are two entrances to Central Gardens Park, one from south from Paton St and the other, north one, from Merrylands Rd. They both have big parking lots incl. spaces for disabled. Park is very big and you can easily spend whole day here. Kids have two sun shaded playgrounds to pick from. One has two forts with slides, bridge and climbing wall. Also spring riders. The other one is bigger. It's a long play system with several slides, bridge, climbing nets and than some. Kids can also check out the aviary. The lake is full of ducks, have a peak. And don't forget to bring kiddy bikes. Two tennis courts are at the southern entrance. BBQs and picnic tables are scattered all around the park. Toilets are at the northern entrance. Please helpmake this article better and add some photos and data, thank you
    opposite 69 Paton Street, Merrylands West NSW 2160, Australia
  • Mardi St

    Playground:Mardi St
    This is a nice playground on Mardi Street. Kids can play on slide, swings or climb the climbing tower. Playground is fenced and offers enough space so kids can run around or play ball games. There are a couple of benches scattered around the place.
    14 Mardi St, Girraween NSW 2145, Australia
  • Linlee Street Park

    Playground:Linlee Street Park
    Kids will have lots of fun on this playground. There are swings and a play system with slides, climbing wall, tunnel, cubby house... Benches are around and a large open space beside so kids can run around and play ball games.
    2 Linlee St, Girraween NSW 2145, Australia

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