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Address: near 17F Irrawang Street
Raymond Terrace NSW 2324


The Boomerang Park is located on Irrawang Street in Raymond Terrace. The playground is fenced and has nice trees giving some shade. There are 2 play units, one has a slide, monkey bar, poles, ladders, another has a slide, ladder and abacus. There are picnic facilities, including tables and BBQs at the park. Car parking, too.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Riverside Park Playground, Raymond Terrace

    Playground:Riverside Park Playground, Raymond Terrace
    The Riverside Park Playground is located on Hunter Street in Raymond Terrace. The play area is unfenced and shaded by trees. There is a blue ship structure with slide and climber. Great for the ship lovers. There are sheltered and unsheltered picnic tables and BBQ around the play area. Public toilets and car parking, too. Pretty nice and relaxing place with open panorama of the river.
    near 17 Hunter Street, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324, Australia
  • Bettina Close Playground, Raymond Terrace

    Playground:Bettina Close Playground, Raymond Terrace
    This playground is located on Benjamin Lee Drive in Raymond Terrace. The play area is unfenced and partially shaded by trees and soft fall grounded. There is a big play unit with slide, climbing ropes and nets, chain bridge, various poles and more interesting elements. There is a baby and a senior swing and balance pole. You can find a covered picnic table at the park. Pretty nice and relaxing place.
    near 88 Benjamin Lee Drive, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324, Australia
  • Grahamstown Dam Picnic

    Playground:Grahamstown Dam Picnic
    Grahamstown Dam Picnic is located in Finnan Park on Richardson Road by Grahamstown Lake. This very great picnic spot is great for families as there is a playground for the kids. It is unsheltered, fenced, soft fall grounded. The play equipment includes swings, fort, slides, various climbing frames, sliding pole. The play area is surrounded by grassland dotted by few trees, it is great for some sports and ball games. Plenty of covered picnic tables and BBQs are available. Walk and bike tracks provide more activities. The open wide panorama of the lake makes this place very refreshing, great for a family relax after a busy week.
    near Richardson Road, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324, Australia
  • Tarro Recreation Area, Tarro

    Playground:Tarro Recreation Area, Tarro
    This playground is located in Tarro, NSW. It has a swing, slide, and some other toys. Bike path is nearby. Please help me to get this article up with sending photos, thanks. edit:location
    near 81 Anderson Drive, Tarro NSW 2322, Australia
  • Vera Wilson Park

    Playground:Vera Wilson Park
    slide: Spring Rider: Spring Rider: Spring Rider: fort: {{Playground| This playground is located on Irving Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide, two spring riders, a mounted spring rider and a set of swings. At the side you can find three unsheltered picnic tables and one sheltered table.|19 Irving Street
    Beresfield Nueva Gales del Sur 2322
    Australia|Newcastle City Council
    ph: (02) 4974 2000 }}
    19 Irving Street, Beresfield Nueva Gales del Sur 2322, Australia
  • Seaham Swamp Nature Reserve

    Playground:Seaham Swamp Nature Reserve
    This playground is set at Seaham Swamp Nature Reserve on Seaham Road. It is unfenced, unsheltered, soft fall grounded. The play equipment includes double slide, monkey bar, flying fox, climbing frames and some other elements that kepp kids entertained. Bike path through the reserve is great for big experiences and joy for all nature lovers. You can find seats and picnic tables, so don't forget to pack some snacks. Car parking and toilets are available. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
    near Seaham Road, Seaham NSW 2324, Australia
  • Lindsay Memorial Park, NSW

    Playground:Lindsay Memorial Park, NSW
    Lindsay Memorial Park is a great sports park. There's an Oval, Bowling Club and a large swimming pool. Playground is located next to a big parking lot (Anderson Dr) on one side and Oval on the other. There are just two swings and a couple of benches and picnic tables nicely located in the shade.
    opposite 223 Anderson Drive, Beresfield NSW 2322, Australia
  • Lyall Park Playground, Shortland NSW

    Being situated on Blanch Street and Long Crescent this playground offers basic toy equipment such as a set of swings and a spring rider.
    near 42 Long Crescent, Shortland NSW 2307, Australia

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