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Address: near 25 McCann Court
Carrington Új-Dél-Wales 2294


This basic playground is located at the Honeysuckle Reserve, best accessed from McCann Court and Hargrave Street. It is close to the pretty exciting Carrington Mangrove Boardwalk. The playground itself is unfenced, unsheltered and features a fort, slide, climbers, stand on spinner and few other toys. Surrounded with open grass, set beside cycleway and has seating beside. Nice environment, nice panorama.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Grahame Park, Carrington

    This playground is located on Gipps Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide and a monkey bar. Toy equipment is placed on a softfall area. Next to it you can find a baby plus a senior swing. The park has open grassy room. You can also find an unshelteres picnic table.

  • Connolly Park, NSW

    This playground is located on Thonton Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide, two spring riders and a climbing net. Next to it you can find a set of swings. Around this park you can find two unsheltered picnic tables.

  • Coe Park Playground, Dennison and Wilson Sts, Carrington

    A small toddler playground which is located between Dennison and Wilson Sts in Carrington. It is unfenced and unshaded, has a toddler slide and a spring rider, surrounded with grass and trees. Pathway beside. You can find benches and a picnic table. Edit: please, check for the official name of this park.
    near 84 Denison Street, Carrington NSW 2294, Australia
  • Wickham Park, Albert St

    Playground:Wickham Park, Albert St
    There is a cool playground at Wickham Park on Albert St, equipped with a flying fox and large rope climbing structure, little boat in the sand for the small ones and a swing. You can find grassy areas for some sports and ball games. Next, there are seats and a community garden with BBQs, so when kids finish the play they can snack fresh dinner. Or bring a picnic blanket and lounge under beautiful trees snacking some sweet. Great place to wear out the little adventurer. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
    near 20 Albert Street, Wickham NSW 2293, Australia
  • Islington Park, NSW

    This playground had been installed in late 2012. It's a family-friendly area with climbing and swinging toys for children, half basketball court for parents and older children and plenty of grassy area for everyone to enjoy. Picnic tables and BBQ are scattered around the park. Bike path runs all around. There's a bus station near on Maitland Road.
    opposite 196-206 Maitland Road, Islington NSW 2296, Australia
  • Ballast Ground Playground

    Playground:Ballast Ground Playground
    Located on Hunter St. There are slide, climbers, baby and senior swing, and few other elements. Best for younger kids. Surrounded with some grass and trees. Picnic tables, car parking. Edit: please, check for the right name, thanks.
    near LOT 74 Hunter Street, Stockton NSW 2295, Australia
  • Dangar Park, Mayfield

    The playground is located on Carrington Street, Mayfield. It has a slide, swing, and climbers. Beside the playground is The Dangar Park Swimming Centre with plenty of toys and of course swimming pool.
    opposite 28-30 Carrington Street, Mayfield NSW 2304, Australia
  • Gregson Park Playground, NSW

    Playground:Gregson Park Playground, NSW
    This playground is located on Steel Street. It has a swing, slides , fort, spring rider, climbing structure, climbing frame, tunnel. It has seats around. Bike track and a parking is nearby.
    near 7A Steel Street, Hamilton NSW 2303, Australia

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