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Address: near 4 Cawarra Place
Fairfield NSW 2165


Situated on large amounts of open grass fields and equipped with a large bicycle track, this playground can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.There is plenty of shade in the park, but not on the playground area. This is a very pretty little playground and park area, making the adults time spent here, a pleasure too.



Fairfield City Council
ph: (02) 9725 0222

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Nelson St

    Playground:Nelson St
    This is a small playground, built mainly to entertain the smaller children. Although there is some space for the older kids to kick a ball round or ride their bicycles, it is limited. Located on Nelson Street in Fairfield, this playground is in the near vicinity of various retail outlets situated on Barbara & Station Streets about a block away.
    Nelson Street, Fairfield NSW 2165, Australia
  • Tom Uren Park

    Playground:Tom Uren Park
    Tom Uren Park on Iris Street has more play areas. It is partially fenced, unsheltered, dotted by trees at the side. It is interesting for kids. For the littlies there is a cute red train toy, a lovely fort with slide and 2 springers. Next to this play area there is a bigger slide. Than 4 swings and a monkey bar for older kids. There is an open grassy court for sports and ball games. Also a tennis court. You can find benches, picnic tables and a BBQ. Also car parking is available. Good place for daily activity and some outdoor lunch.
    17 Iris St, Guildford West NSW 2161, Australia
  • Fairfield Heights Reserve

    Playground:Fairfield Heights Reserve
    This playground is accessible from both Station & Camden Streets in Fairfield Heights. The playground is well equipped for the younger kids with a bicycle track and open fields for the older kids. The trees that line the outskirts of the park provide plenty of shade and a sheltered picnic table for the adults to sit on while the children are at play.
    near 129 Station Street, Fairfield Heights NSW 2165, Australia
  • Helena St Park

    Playground:Helena St Park
    Helena St Park is located on the corner of Helena Street and Carmen Street. It is partially fenced. There is a lovely playground with a smaller and a bigger slide, climbing pole, climbing net, climbing wall and climbing ropes, monkey bar, steering wheel, small tunnel and spring rider. You can find benches for chill. Great place for some afternoon activity and relax.
    5 Helena St, Guildford West NSW 2161, Australia
  • Fairfiled Park-Leisure Centre Playground, Fairfield NSW

    This playground is set at the Fairfield City Leisure Centre, the centre is fully fenced. The play area is unsheltered, rubber surfaced. Suitable for all abilities. There is a good equipped play system next to the pools (one pool for adults, one for kids - with shade sails), the kids can find double slide, tunnel slide, tall rope climber and other climbers, stainless steel spinner, hammock, cat tail and other. Grassy rooms around. The park offers picnic facilities, toilets, car parking. Across the street the Makepeace Oval.
    near Honour Ave, Fairfield NSW 2165, Australia
  • Clancy St

    Playground:Clancy St
    This is a small but open playground, making it easy to keep an eye on the little ones from the comfort of a shaded park bench. The playground is located in Thorley Park on the corner of Clancy Street and The Boulevard in Smithfield. It has a small open grassed area surrounding a basketball court which is enjoyed by the older children while the younger ones play in the playground.
    Clancy Street, Smithfield NSW, 2164, Australia
  • Albert St Park

    Playground:Albert St Park
    This lovely playground is situated at Albert St Park on Albert St. It is partially fenced, unsheltered, suitable for toddlers. The play equipment includes a big rope climbing tower, a slide with steps and spiral pole and swings. There are benches for chill. Nice place, good for some afternoon fun.
    88 Albert St, Guildford West NSW 2161, Australia
  • Yennora Park

    Playground:Yennora Park
    This playground is accessible from both Fairfield Street & Wentworth Parade in Yennora. It is very well shaded due to the large established trees and offers entertainment for all ages of kids. Being equipped with a large bicycle track and open grass area allows entertainment for the older kids, while the younger kids entertain themselves on the playground and the adults relax in the shade around a picnic table.
    Fairfield Street, Yennora NSW, 2161, Australia

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