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Address: near 76A Sunflower Dr
Claremont Meadows NSW 2747


This playground is located on Sunflower Drive. It is unfenced and unshaded. Toy equipmnet includes: one fort with climbing net and a set of swings. There is some seating available around the park.



Penrith City Council
ph: (02) 4732 7777

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Myrtle Street Fields

    Playground:Myrtle Street Fields
    Playground is partially shaded by trees. Children can play on climbing net, fort with climbing wall, two slides and rope bridge. There are also single pole see-saw and a large climbing toy. Around it are tracks for bicycles. Beside the playground are a bench and a drinking fountain, parking is available near by.
    next to 43, 45 Myrtle Rd , Claremont Meadows NSW 2747, Australia
  • Armstein Crescent Reserve

    Playground:Armstein Crescent Reserve
    Nice fairly new simple playground. Swings, slide climbing frame area and a spring rider. No shade on the equipment but some from the near by trees. Sorry no photos, hopefully some helpful person will add some soon :)
    LOT 120 Armstein Crescent, Werrington NSW 2747, Australia
  • Werrington Lake

    Playground:Werrington Lake
    Werrington Lake is a smaller playground, surrounded by bicycle trail and lake with ducks. There are lots of green areas and natural shade. Children can play on two swings, flying fox and two forts with rope bridge, stairs and slide. There are picnic tables near by. Parking spaces are available at the end of William Street or beside Burton Street.
    near 51 William Street, Werrington NSW 2747, Australia
  • Parkes Avenue Reserve

    Playground:Parkes Avenue Reserve
    This playground is located on Princess and Albert Street inside Parkes Avenue Reserve. It is partially fenced and unshaded. You can find a variety of toys: a fort with two slides, one slide, a set of swings, a see-saw, a spring animal and a log. roll. At the side of the park you can find four tennis courts.
    63 Princess St, Werrington NSW 2747, Australia
  • Chapman Gardens

    Playground:Chapman Gardens
    This playground is located on Second Avenue and inside Chapman Gardens. It is partially fenced and unshaded. Toy equipment includes: one fort with slide, a set of swings and a monkey bar. At eh side of the park you can find some parking.
    near 44 Second Ave, Kingswood NSW 2747, Australia
  • Amaroo Street Reserve

    Playground:Amaroo Street Reserve
    Recently updgraded this park is located on Amaroo Street. It is partially fenced and unshaded. Toy equipment includes: one fort with slide, a set of swings (junior and senior),a climbing net and a spring rider. All equipment is placed on a softafall area. You can find some seating at the sides of this park.
    9 Amaroo St, Kingswood NSW 2747, Australia
  • Cook Park, St Marys

    Playground:Cook Park, St Marys
    This playground has no shade, but offers children a large toy with monkey bars, spiral stairs, bridges, slide... or running around the grassy area. Children can play on two swings (one baby), Older children can play on two soccer fields. Parking is available along John Street. Toilets are near by, but are open only for sporting events. Please help make this article better for other parents by taking and uploading a handful of photos when you visit, thanks
    near LOT 10 John Street, St Marys NSW 2760, Australia
  • Victoria Park

    Playground:Victoria Park
    This playground is located on Princess Mary Street and inside Victoria Park. Toy equipment includes: one set of swings one of them whit harness, a sliding pole and a play system with a monkey bar and a stand on spinner. All equipment is set on a soft fall area. There are big grassy areas for some ball games and chilling. There is a mini bike track around the play area. At the side of this park you can find two shaded eating areas a bike track through the park and some parking. There is a swimming pool nearby.
    28 Princess Mary St, St Marys NSW 2760, Australia

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