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Address: near 176 Seymour Street
Bathurst NSW 2795


This park is surrounded with Seymour, Rocket, Bentinck and Lambert Street. There is lot of grassy space dotted by trees. The playground is best accessed off Seymour St. It is unfenced and unsheltered. The toy equipment includes baby plus senior swing, fort, slide, small tunnel, climbers, sliding pole, burmese bridge and flying fox. You will find benches at the side. Toilets on the corner of Rocket St. Bus stop, too.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Milltown Park Playground, South Bathurst NSW

    Playground:Milltown Park Playground, South Bathurst NSW
    Located on Cnr Brilliant, Busby and Torch Street. Unfenced, unsheltered, simply equipped. There is a slide with ladder, two swings, pommel swing and spring rider. The toys are set on sand. There is some grass beside.
    Cnr Brilliant, Busby and Torch Street, South Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia
  • George Park Playground, Mitchell NSW

    Playground:George Park Playground, Mitchell NSW
    This simple playground is set by two ovals, accessed on Browning St, also on Furness St. It's unfenced and unsheltered, and has a set of 2 swings, a slide and 2 spring riders. There is a bench beside and few trees. Car parking just there on the street-side. Toilets nearby.
    near 158-168 Browning Street, Mitchell NSW 2795, Australia
  • Jaques Park Playground, South Bathurst NSW

    Playground:Jaques Park Playground, South Bathurst NSW
    Lovely park with trees, open grassy rooms and a basic playground - best for younger kids. The play area is unfenced, unsheltered, soft fall grounded. There is a baby and a senior swing, a medium slide with ladder, a flying fox, monkey bar and tunnel slide. It is accessed off Alma St.
    near LOT 351 Alma Street, South Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia
  • Ashelford Apex Park Playground, Bathurst NSW

    Playground:Ashelford Apex Park Playground, Bathurst NSW
    It is a basic playground at Ashelford Apex Park, surrounded with Lambert, Veness and Hill Streets. Unfenced, unsheltered, soft fall grounded, suitable for toddlers. Surrounded with some grass. The play equipment: baby plus senior swing, slide, spring rider, pommel swing and a climber.
    near Cnr Lambert and Veness Street, West Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia
  • College Road Park Playground, South Bathurst NSW

    Playground:College Road Park Playground, South Bathurst NSW
    It's a very simple playground on College Rd. There you can find a metal slide, a 2 person springer and a set of swings. Open space beside, good for various games.
    near 72-74 College Road, South Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia
  • Macquarie River Bicentennial Park Playground, Bathurst NSW

    This playground is a great facility located on the banks of the Macquarie River, accessed off William St. The playground provides loads of great activities for children with baby and senior swings, also a tire swing and pommel swing, monkey bar, see saw, a shaded play area with fort, various slides, huge rope climbing tower, rockers, abacus, shop front, climbing wall, cubby houses, stand on spinner, and other. There is a fenced old steam machine beside the playground. Plenty of grassy room around and shady trees. The park is located only a short stroll from the CBD and Bathurst Aquatic Centre. You can have a nice picnic as there are sheltered picnic tables and bbq facilities beside. Toilets, car parking available.
    near 7 William Street, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia
  • Gorman's Hill Park Playground, NSW

    This basic playground is located on the corner of Gorman's Hill Rd and Fishs Parade. It's fenced, shady by trees. Best suited for younger kids. The toy equipment includes a baby plus a senior swing, a slide, a spring rider, a see saw and a mechanical sand digger. All the equipment is set on sand. There are benches at the side. Bus stop right there.
    Cnr Gorman's Hill Road and Fishs Parade, Gormans Hill NSW 2795, Australia
  • Macquarie View Park Playground, West Bathurst NSW

    Playground:Macquarie View Park Playground, West Bathurst NSW
    Located between Coral Way and Esrom St. Unfenced, shaded by sail. The toy equipment: fort, slide, abacus, burmese bridge, flying fox, sliding pole, spinning toy, and unfenced rope climbing tower, basket swing, baby and senior swing. Tennis courts beside and some open grass. Benches around.
    near 1-5 Coral Way, West Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia

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