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Address: The Grand Parade
Sans Souci NSW


Being situated alongside a beachfront, makes this playground the ideal setting for the adults and kids. With a fence enclosing the playground, the little ones can play and the adults can take in all the wonders of the sun, sea and sand. Cook Park is very large in size, but finding the playground on The Grand Parade Drive in Dolls Point, is easy. It can get a bit windy here.



Rockdale City Council, ph: (02) 9562 1666,

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Rotary Park Tonbridge Street Reserve

    This playground is situated on Tonbridge Street, Ramsgate and offers plenty of entertainment for the primary school child and younger. Older children might make use of the open fields or cricket nets and there is a toilet block that also caters for the disabled.
    Tonbridge Street, Ramsgate NSW 2217, Australia
  • Peter Depena Reserve

    Playground:Peter Depena Reserve
    Peter Depena Reserve is fun for the whole family. There is plenty to do for everyone, including a free barbeque to use at your leisure. There is plenty of parking available and the playground is situated alongside a busy road; however there is a small car park in between the playground fence and the road which lowers the road noise. There is also a small coffee shop located next to the playground area. This is a great playground with climbing rope towers for the older kids and coloured stepping stones for others.
    Russell Avenue, Dolls Point NSW , 2219, Australia
  • Bona Park, Sans Souci

    Playground:Bona Park, Sans Souci
    This playground is in Bona Park, on Robert and Camille Street inside a medium sized green area. It is partially fenced and unshaded. This park offers colourful playground activity toys: a climbing net, a fort with two slides (one spiral) and a rope bridge. At the side you can find a set of swings. There is also a sheltered seating space.
    near 39 Robert Street, Sans Souci NSW 2219, Australia
  • Aqua Flora Park

    Playground:Aqua Flora Park
    Offering only the basic facilities such as swings, slides, etc. this playground is not suitable for older children. However, being on Clarville Avenue makes the beach a 5 minute walk away. There are some medium sized open fields available here, but the design of the park makes it very difficult to see all the children from 1 central location in order to keep a watchful eye.
    97-107 Clareville Ave, Sandringham NSW 2219, Australia
  • Scarborough Park

    Playground:Scarborough Park
    This playground is spacious and offers some interesting activities such as a flying fox and climbing wall. The playground is located on Barton Street in Kogarah and has plenty of parking available. This playground is mainly for primary school kids, however swings, a slide and spring riders are nice additions for the younger kids. There is some open space for kicking a ball or other such activities for the older kids, and there is a river running not too far away.
    Barton Street, Kogarah NSW 2217, Australia
  • Claydon Reserve

    Playground:Claydon Reserve
    This palyground is located on Ramsgate Road at a waterfront. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide,a monkey bar,a climbing net and a rope bridge. You can also find two sets of swings. At the side of the park you can find a sheltered picnic area. Around the park you can find a bike track.
    43 Ramsgate Rd, Kogarah Bay NSW 2217, Australia
  • Scott Park, Riverside Dr

    Playground:Scott Park, Riverside Dr
    This small playground is located on Riverside Drive. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a set of swings, a scale swing and two spring riders. Although, it is not a large area it offers two unsheltered picnic areas and some parking at its front.
    LOT 3 Riverside Dr, Sans Souci NSW 2219, Australia
  • Len Reynolds Reserve

    Playground:Len Reynolds Reserve
    This playground is located on Vista Street and The Promenade at a foreshore area. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide, a see saw and a spring rider. At the side you can find one seat and a unsheltered picnic table.
    255 The Promenade, Sans Souci NSW 2219, Australia

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