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Address: near 16 Mt Ida St
Gordon New South Wales 2072


Darnley Oval playground is located near 16 Mt Ida St, Gordon. Area is fenced, open only at the entrance door. There is something for everyone. Preschoolers and toddlers have one playground with two swings (one baby), slide, two spring riders, climbing net and low swing. Older kids can play on a flying fox or drive around on junior cycle track. Next to the playground is a large open area. There are benches everywhere. By the parking lot there is also one sheltered area with picnic table. Up the Elgin street there is Personal Training for Women, 76 Elgin Street, Gordon NSW for all mums.



Ku-ring-gai Council
ph: (02) 9424 0000

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    near 1-3 Yarrawonga Close, Pymble NSW 2073, Australia

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