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Address: near 8 Dewrang Ave
Elanora Heights NSW 2101


Dewrang Reserve offers a small playground inside a residential area. Toy equipment includes one swing and a slide. This area got some parking and seats. This reserve offers a variety of of plants and animals for you to see. Park is not fenced but it is located on a quiet avenue.



Pittwater Council ph: (02) 9970 1111

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  • Anana Reserve

    Playground:Anana Reserve
    Inside this residential area you can find a fully fenced small playground at Anana Reserve. This park offers plenty of green space and toy equipment such as: a fort with a slide, a train toy and two swings. Seats are available near toy equipment. At front of this park you can find a bus stop as well.
    near 94 Elanora Rd, Elanora Heights NSW 2101, Australia
  • Worarra Lookout Reserve

    Playground:Worarra Lookout Reserve
    This small playground is inside Worrarra Reserve and on Worrarra Avenue. This playground is not fenced but it is on a quiet road with water views. Toy equipment is set on a sandpit and includes: one slide two swings and a see- saw
    212-214 Woorarra Ave, Elanora Heights NSW 2101, Australia
  • Tatiara Crescent Reserve

    Playground:Tatiara Crescent Reserve
    This small playground is inside Tatiara Reserve on Tatiara Crescent (opposite Bellara Avenue). It is partially fenced, naturally shaded and on a quiet road.Toy equipment consists of three swings for kids and one for baby.
    near 8 Tatiara Crescent (opp Bellara Ave), North Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia
  • Maralinga Reserve

    Playground:Maralinga Reserve
    This small playground is set inside Maralinga Bushland Reserve on Koorangi Avenue. It is not fenced, naturally shaded and it is set on a quiet road. Toy equipment includes: one see-saw and a swing. There are benches around the place and the area is suitable for picnics.
    near 11-13 Koorangi Ave, Elanora Heights NSW 2101, Australia
  • Coleena Reserve

    Playground:Coleena Reserve
    This small playground is located at Coleena Reserve, Elanora Heights. It offers a slide and a spring based see-saw for primary and pre school kids. Although this park is not fenced it is located inside a residential area. Good area for free play.
    Corner of Cooleena and Morandoo Roads, Elanora Heights NSW 2101, Australia
  • Allington Reserve

    Playground:Allington Reserve
    This lovely playground is located inside Allington Reserve. It is naturally shaded and fully fenced. The area includes some seating and it is suitable for picnics. Going north and on Kalang Rd you can find a bus stop and two shops. One restaurant and a photography shop.
    near 44 Allington Crescent, Elanora Heights NSW 2101, Australia
  • Bilarong Reserve

    Playground:Bilarong Reserve
    This playground is located inside Bilarong Reserve and at the front of an open water. It is sheltered and fully fenced. Toy equipment includes: one slide, a climbing net, a see saw and two spring riders. It is suitable for pre-schoolers and primary school kids. This is a good area for picnics and there is sheltered space. Parking is available. At this reserve you can find native birds and animals.
    LOT 8 Wakehurst Pkwy, North Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia
  • Narroy Park

    Playground:Narroy Park
    This playground is located on Narroy Road. The playground area includes: one fort with a slide, four swings, one spring rider, a a sliding pole. There are two picnic tables around the park and parking area. There is open field as well.
    near 25 Narroy Rd, North Narrabeen NSW 2101, Australia

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