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Address: near 23 Anniversary Drive
Diamond Beach NSW 2430


This playground is located on Anniversary Drive in Diamond Beach. The play area is unfenced and has nice trees giving some shade. There are two separated play areas. One has a play unit with twisted slide, wooden bridge, monkey bar and other elements of climbing, whilst in the other area you can find a baby and a senior swing and a junior play unit with slide, climbing net and some other toys. Also, there is a basketball court for the older kids. There are some picnic tables and BBQ. Public toilets and car parking, too.



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    Bluehaven Playground is a very simple playground on Bluehaven Drive. It is unfenced, unsheltered and has a slide, some climbing frames and a see saw. Grassy spaces around are great for ball games or kite flying. Good for some afternoon fun.
    near LOT 150 Bluehaven Drive, Old Bar NSW 2430, Australia
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    This small playground is set at Badgers Park on Rushby Drive. It is unfenced, unsheltered. The play equipment has a spiral side, bridge, ladder, sliding pole and a see saw. Open grassy field is good for run around and kick the ball. There is a covered picnic tables to snack some sandwiches after play. Good for some afternoon fun and relax.
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    This playground is beside the old bar beach near Ungala Rd. This is unfenced, unsheltered. The toy equipment are: a simple slide and a play system with a spiral slide, monkey bar, flying fox and another climbing and sliding frames, also there are 2 swings. There is an open grassy area great for ball games. At the side there is a sheltered and fenced swimming pool. You can sit on a bench or use the sheltered BBQ and picnic tables. A car parking is beside. It's a great place for a good weekend picnic enjoying the sea. Parents please help to make this article better by uploading some photos.
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  • Pebbly Beach Playground, Forster

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    This playground is set at the Pebbly Beach, located on Head Street in Forster. The playground is unfenced and unsheltered. You can find a great wooden climbing stucture with 2 forts and slides, monkey bar, climbing nets, sliding and climbing poles, climbing wall and some other toys. There are some picnic tables under natural shade. There are public toilets, disability toilets and car parking. Nice views to the sea.
    near 60 Head Street, Forster NSW 2428, Australia

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