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Address: near 45 Denney Street
Broadmeadow Új-Dél-Wales 2292


This simple playground is set at the District Park in Broadmeadow, located on the corner of Denney St and Curley Rd. It is best suited for younger kids. There is a baby plus a senior swing, a slide with ladder, a 4ways springer and a spinner. Benches around and picnic table. Big open grassy field beside. The park hosts oval, stadium, tennis and volleyball courts, hockey, etc. Car parking and amenities.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Smith Park Playground, Hamilton North

    The playground is located on Boreas Road, NSW. It has a fort, slide, springer, climbing structures, see saw and mini swing . Seats around. Parking is nearby and an open field beside.
    near 33 Boreas Road, Hamilton North NSW 2292, Australia
  • Gregson Park Playground, NSW

    Playground:Gregson Park Playground, NSW
    This playground is located on Steel Street. It has a swing, slides , fort, spring rider, climbing structure, climbing frame, tunnel. It has seats around. Bike track and a parking is nearby.
    near 7A Steel Street, Hamilton NSW 2303, Australia
  • Mackie Avenue Reserve

    Playground:Mackie Avenue Reserve
    A nice playground in suburbian area. There's plenty of space for running around. Playground is suitable for younger children, older ones can play ball games. Drinking fountain is at hand. Two benches for parents, but no shade. Parking available along the street.
    next to 2 Mackie Ave, New Lambton NSW 2305, Australia
  • Waratah Park

    Playground:Waratah Park
    Playground offers toys for smaller children. They can run around the grassy, partially shaded area. Parking is along the street (two for disabled), toilets are across the bridge (crossing railway tracks).
    Cr of Young St and Lake Road, Waratah NSW 2298, Australia
  • New Lambton Park Playground

    Playground:New Lambton Park Playground
    This playground is located on Womboin Road. It has a fort, slide, swing and some climbers. Big grassy spaces around.
    near 130 Womboin Road, Lambton NSW 2299, Australia
  • Johnson Park

    Playground:Johnson Park
    This small playground is located on Wyong Road. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a set of swings, a slide and a spring rider. At the side you can find one seat.

  • Islington Park, NSW

    This playground had been installed in late 2012. It's a family-friendly area with climbing and swinging toys for children, half basketball court for parents and older children and plenty of grassy area for everyone to enjoy. Picnic tables and BBQ are scattered around the park. Bike path runs all around. There's a bus station near on Maitland Road.
    opposite 196-206 Maitland Road, Islington NSW 2296, Australia
  • Coolamin Rd Reserve

    Playground:Coolamin Rd Reserve
    Complitely shaded by trees this small playground offers enough action for smaller children and some sitting area for parents.
    at intersection of Lambton Rd and Coolamin Rd, Waratah NSW 2298, Australia

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