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Address: near 148 Bridge Road
Glebe NSW 2037


This playground is in the Foley Park on the Bridge Rd. There are more bus stops, so easily accessible. It's fenced, soft fall grounded and partially shaded by some trees. Suitable for toddlers. There are more seats for parents under the trees. The equipment are: 4 simple swings, 2 swings for toddlers and 1 rope bridge swing. 1 Merry-Go-Round, 1 slide and there are many linked rope bridges. There are cafes, patisserie and food places, you can choose the Nawaz Flavour of India, or to take a pizza with the children, and so more near ( Bogart Pizza Cafe, Petit Tarte Cafe & Patisserie, Food Works Glebe, etc.). There is also a pharmacy near, some shops like Gleebooks, a hotel and more. There is Sydney Magician, it can be interesting for children and some churches ( St Jame's Catholic, St John's Anglican) and the Dr HJ Foley Memorial. So, it's a very good place to take a full day excursion with the family with many attractions to see and food places to not stay hungry.



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