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Address: near 11 Alderson Avenue
North Rocks NSW 2151


This playground is set on the corner of Eather Ave and Alderson Ave. It is unsheltered, unfenced, shady by trees. The equipment is set on rubber soft fall area. There are no elements for toddlers. You can find a fort with climbing net, slide, bridge, sliding pole, steering wheel, monkey bar and flying fox. There is a bench at the side to chill. Nice woody place, great for some afternoon relax.



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  • Ted Horwood Reserve

    Playground:Ted Horwood Reserve
    This park is located on Mc Gee Place inside Ted Horwood Reserve. It is unfenced and naturally shaded. You can find challenging toy equipmnet for pre and primary school kids. Toy equipmnet includes a sheltered fort with a slide, a climbing net and a set of swigs for younger kids. On another area you can find a play system with a monkey bar, a wooden climbing wall and a small climbing tower.
    14 McGee Pl, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia
  • Don Moore Reserve Playground

    Playground:Don Moore Reserve Playground
    There's a playground for little ones behind the toilets building and several basketball courts. If kids want to run around and play other ball games they can, playground is surrounded by a large green area. A huge parking lot is up front. Please help make this article better and add some photos and data, thank you
    end of Tiernan Ave, North Rocks NSW 2151, Australia
  • Linton Street Playground, Baulkham Hills, NSW

    Playground:Linton Street Playground, Baulkham Hills, NSW
    This simple playground is set on Linton St. Unfenced, unsheltered. You will find usual toys as fort, slide, spider net climber, stand on spinner and swings. Grassy space around and trees.
    near 30 Linton St, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia
  • Eric Mobbs Recreational Reserve, Castle Hill

    Playground:Eric Mobbs Recreational Reserve, Castle Hill
    This playground is set in Eric Mobbs Recreational Reserve, located on Ferguson Avenue in Castle Hill. It is fenced, unsheltered and suitable for toddlers. As play equipment you can find twisted slide, climbing net, climbing wall, fireman's poles, monkey bar, flying fox, spring rider and a baby swing. Out the fenced there is a sheltered eating area with tables and BBQ. Also, there are cricket courts. Plenty car parking, too.
    near LOT 895 Ferguson Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia
  • North Rock Rd Playground,NSW

    Very little playground is in shopping centre between Cole's and K Mart on North Rock Road.Perfect for toddlers.You can find more entertaining frames like little car,books,climbing wall,stepping elements and poles on soft fall.We have not any details about toys.You can help to make some photos and adding details. Thanks.
    near 219 N Rocks Rd, North Rocks NSW 2151, Australia
  • George Thornton Reserve

    Playground:George Thornton Reserve
    There is a woody shady playground at George Thornton Reserve on the end of Hill Road West Pennant Hills. The play equipment includes spiral pole, fireman's pole, monkey bar, swings and more entertaining elements. There is a big open grassy space and bike tracks for more activities. Also picnic tables and car park available. On the other side of the reserve there is an outdoor gym. Good place for outdoor activities and relax.
    near 19 Hill Road, West Pennant Hills NSW 2125, Australia
  • Aiken Rd, West Pennant Hills

    Playground:Aiken Rd, West Pennant Hills
    Playground is surrounded by trees and facing a street. It is fenced away by a low fence. There's a lot of green shaded area for running around and playing ball games. A sheltered picnic table overlooks the area and is located between the playground and the street. Kids can play on a fort with a climbing ladder and a slide. There are also some monkey bars. A nice spot for an afternoon out.
    near 129-131 Aiken Road, West Pennant Hills NSW 2125, Australia
  • George Suttor Park

    Playground:George Suttor Park
    This park is located on Raemot Lane. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a play system with a fort and a slide, two monkey bars and a rope bridge. At the side of this park you can find free parking.
    LOT 5 Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

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