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Address: Corner of Basil Rd and Regent Street
Bexley NSW


This is a fun little playground with a full array of obstacles like climbing nets, spring riders, rope bridge, etc. and is found on the corner of Regent & Basil Streets, Bexley. It has a small and a large bicycle track with a large open field in the middle, posing as plenty of entertainment for the active older child.



Rockdale City Council, ph: (02) 9562 1666,

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Flynns Reserve

    Playground:Flynns Reserve
    Flynns Reserve playground is located on Towson Lane, found off Lliffe Street in Bexley. Although it is designed to entertain the smaller kids, there is an open field that can be used to kick a ball or fly a kite by the older kids.
    Towson Lane, Bexley NSW , 2207, Australia
  • Croot Park

    Playground:Croot Park
    This playground is located on Bristol Road. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find one fort with a slide, a spring ridr, a climbing tower, two sliding poles,a monkey bar and a set of swings (one for baby and another one for older kids).You can also find two sheltered picnic areas, seating and parking beside this park. This is a great playground for pre and primary shcool kids.
    25-29 Bristol Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia
  • Bexley Oval

    Playground:Bexley Oval
    This quaintly pleasant playground is situated on Donnan Street in Bexley. Being located on the Bexley Oval Sporting Grounds means that there is plenty of open space for the bigger kids to kick a ball around or fly a kite perhaps. There is an extensive bicycle track which winds its way through Bexley Oval leaving the smaller kiddies with a playground full of equipment to entertain themselves with. Situated in a residential area means that there are not many shops around; however there is a canteen in the Bexley Oval building, along with toilets and changing rooms.
    Donnan Street Bexley NSW , 2207, Australia
  • Highgate St

    Playground:Highgate St
    Situated on Highgate Street, this playground is simple yet adequate. Although it doesn't have many features, it is situated right next to the Bexley Swimming and Fitness Centre which boasts all sorts of facilities including a kiosk to buy drinks, sweets and some hot food. All the pools are heated and there is a pool to suit every age. There are also large open fields with plenty of shaded picnic tables for you to enjoy.
    109 Highgate Street, Bexley , NSW 2207, Australia
  • Warren Reserve

    Playground:Warren Reserve
    This park is located on Moore Street inside Warren Reserve. It is unfenced and unshaded. At this park you can find basic toy equipment one slide and a set of swings. In front of this park you can find some parking.
    60-62 Moore St, Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia
  • Dominey Reserve

    Playground:Dominey Reserve
    This playground is located on Caledonian Street. It is fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide, two spring riders and a set of swings. At the side you can find two benches.
    63 Caledonian Street, Bexley NSW 2207, Australia
  • Emma Edwards Reserve

    Playground:Emma Edwards Reserve
    This playground is located on Moore Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a set of swings, a fort with a slide,a spring rider and a see-saw. Some seatign is available at the side of the park.
    85 Moore St, Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia
  • Dowsett Park

    Playground:Dowsett Park
    This playground is situated on the corner of Caroline and Todd Streets in Kingsgrove. Being in the suburbs makes this a peaceful playground with not too much traffic noise or danger for the little ones. Although geared mainly for the smaller kids, the playground is attached to a large open field which could be used by the older children for various activities.
    Corner of Caroline and Todd Streets, Kingsgrove NSW 2208, Australia

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