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Address: near 24A Albermarle Street
Newtown NSW 2042


This playground is on the Albermarle Street. The equipment are: 2 swings plus 2 baby swings, a Spring Rider and see saw. Fenced and shaded.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Garavel Playground, Newtown

    Playground:Garavel Playground, Newtown
    The Garavel Playground is located on Chelmsford Street in Newtown. It is partially fenced and naturally shaded. There are four seats see saw and blue pommel steps for the older kids. Street car parking, too.
    near 96 Chelmsford Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
  • Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

    Playground:Camperdown Memorial Rest Park
    This is a large, rectangular playground which is located in Camperdown Memorial Rest Park on Australia Street. It has been beautifully landscaped with bushy plants, sandstone, and wood. Some of the play structures are wooden and there are good sandpits. It all feels very natural which is lovely to see in the inner city. There are some shading sails and soft fall ground. Suitable for toddlers. The play equipment includes swings, a great wobble bridge, spring rider, merry-go-round, sandpits, fort with slide and climbing net and more entertaining play structures. The park has bike tracks and grassy areas. There are plenty benches and picnic tables inside the playground too. You can find car parking. Nothing is missing for a really great play with your littlies :) Please help to make this article better by uploading some photos.
    near 168-180 Australia Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
  • George Smith Playground, Newtown

    Playground:George Smith Playground, Newtown
    This George Smith Playground is located on St Marys Street in Newtown. The park is unfenced and has nice trees giving some shead. The cute play equipment you can find a spring rider, stand on spinner, climbing net and senior swing. There is a picnic table under shade, pack some snack and a good book for a fine afternoon relax. Street car parking, too.
    near 44 St Marys Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
  • Bugler Playground, Enmore NSW

    Playground:Bugler Playground, Enmore NSW
    A small local playground for younger kids, located on Gladstone St in Enmore. It's fenced, has few shady trees above, has seating and a small grassed space. As toy equipment there is a see saw and a baby plus a a senior swing.
    near 27 Gladstone Street, Enmore NSW 2042, Australia
  • Salmon Playground, Newtown

    Good and colorful playground between Station St and Camden Ln. Unfenced, soft fall grounded, shady by nice trees. There is a fort, monkrey bars, slides, various climbers, swings and other entertaining toys.Benches around.
    near 104 Station Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
  • Lillian Fowler Reserve

    Playground:Lillian Fowler Reserve
    This playground is located on Gibbes Lane and Norfolk Street. It is fenced and partially shaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide for smaller kids and a nother fort with a tunnel slide and a set of swings. All equipment is placed on a softfall area. At the side you can find three seats.
    1 Norfolk Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
  • O'Dea Reserve, Camperdown

    This playground is set at O'Dea Reserve on Salisbury Lane, Camperdown. It is sheltered by sail. Suitable for toddlers. A play system with bridge, climbing frames, tunnel slide, sliding pole, running roller. A baby and a senior swing. There is a huge challenging rope climbing tower. All equipment is set on a soft fall rubber underfoot. You can find covered picnic area with BBQs and picnic tables.
    near Salisbury Lane, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia
  • Camperdown Park, Camperdown

    This playground is set in Camperdown Park on Australia Street. It is fully fenced, unsheltered, suitable for toddlers. There are two play areas, one is for littlies with see saw, spring rider, swings and fort with slide, short climbing net, abacus, and another play area for bigger kids with slide, monkey bar flying fox and more entertaining elements. There are trees for shade and seats. You can find many sports courts beside the playground as for basket, tennis and more, also a walk/bike track is there. Good place for some activity with the kids.
    16-24 Australia St, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia

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