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Address: 44 Fontenoy Rd
Macquarie Park NSW 2113


This is a great park with lots of challenges for kids. It is located on Fontenoy Road. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find: a challenging fort with two slides, a set of swings, a slide, two spring riders, a see-saw and a climbing tower. At the side of the park you can find some seats. This is a good place for large families and groups.



Ryde City Council
ph: (02) 9952 8222

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Tuckwell Park II

    Playground:Tuckwell Park II
    This playground is located on Fontenoy Road inside Tuckwell Park. Toy equipment includes one fort with slide and a spring rider. This parks offers some seating and parking at the sides and lots of open field area.
    near 12 Fontenoy Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113, Australia
  • Claire Taylor Park

    Playground:Claire Taylor Park
    Claire Taylor Park is located at the end of Camira Street, West Pymble. There are two swings (one baby), slide. LOCAL MUMS PLEASE TAKE YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU THE NEXT TIME YOU VISIT AND ADD DATA, THANK YOU
    End of Camira Street, West Pymble New South Wales 2073, Australia
  • Boronga Avenue Reserve

    Playground:Boronga Avenue Reserve
    Boronga Avenue Reserve is located opposite 11 - 17 Boronga Avenue, West Pymble. There are two swings (one baby) and a slide for kids and a bench for parents.
    Opposite 11 - 17 Boronga Avenue, West Pymble New South Wales 2073, Australia
  • Bandalong Reserve

    Playground:Bandalong Reserve
    Bandalong Reserve is located opposite 21 Bandalong Ave, West Pymble. There are two swings (one baby), see-saw and climbing toy with nets and poles.
    opposite 21 Bandalong Ave, West Pymble New South Wales 2073, Australia
  • Albert Bush aka St Crispin's Green

    Albert Drive Playground is located in the middle of Saint Crispens Green. It is accessible from the northern part of the street (near 15 Albert Dr). There is only a big slide (too high for smaller children) and a see-saw. Open area around it is suitable for ball games. All of the area is fenced, either by fence or by private houses.
    Between 16 - 22 Albert Drive, Killara, New South Wales 2071, Australia
  • Bicentennial Park Golden Grove

    Playground:Bicentennial Park Golden Grove
    At the end of Prince of Wales Drive there is a nice set of playgrounds with lots of BBQ space. Area is partly shaded by trees. There is a fort with spiral slide for kids, climbing net, monkey bar and upside-down seesaw and swing combination. There are two sheltered BBQ areas. A large open area for ball games and four basketball courts just behind the trees. Toilets (for disabled also) are near by. There are many parking spaces (some reserved for disabled). Just along the street there is West Pymble Swimming Pool.
    End of Prince of Wales Drive, West Pymble New South Wales 2073, Australia
  • Sequoia Close Park

    Playground:Sequoia Close Park
    Sequoia Close Park is located beside 2 Sequoia Close, West Pymble. It's a nice playground, surrounded by trees and fenced. There are two benches and a long strait path for junior cyclers. Children can play on see-saw and a slide. LOCAL MUMS PLEASE TAKE A CAMERA WITH YOU NEXT TIME YOU VISIT AND UPDATE THE DATA, THANK YOU.
    near 2 Sequoia Close, West Pymble Novi Južni Wales 2073, Avstralija
  • Bicentennial Park (Community Hall), Lofberg Rd

    Playground:Bicentennial Park (Community Hall), Lofberg Rd
    Bicentennial Park playground is located at the intersection of Lofberg Road and Inverallan Avenue. Parking is available near by. Surrounded by trees, it is a nice shady park for smaller children. There are swings, a see-saw for four small children and a fort with stairs and slide. Beside the playground there is a picnic table and two tables for table-tennis. Playground is partially fenced with a low fence that has gaps in it.
    Intersection of Lofberg Road and Inverallan Avenue, West Pymble NSW 2073, Australia

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