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Address: Frome Street
Fairfield West NSW


Situated in the suburbs in Fairfield West, this playground can be accessed via Frome Street or Tyrell Crescent. This is a very active playground with lots of equipment options; however there is not much to keep the older, high school children entertained. There is a small open grassed area on either end of the playground area, but again, not really of the size that would be appreciated by the older children.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Percy Park

    Playground:Percy Park
    This playground is for the younger children and is very limited in equipment; however enough to keep a younger child interested and happy. It is located on Percy Street in Fairfield Heights and has very limited shade.
    Percy Street, Fairfield Heights NSW, 2165, Australia
  • Clancy St

    Playground:Clancy St
    This is a small but open playground, making it easy to keep an eye on the little ones from the comfort of a shaded park bench. The playground is located in Thorley Park on the corner of Clancy Street and The Boulevard in Smithfield. It has a small open grassed area surrounding a basketball court which is enjoyed by the older children while the younger ones play in the playground.
    Clancy Street, Smithfield NSW, 2164, Australia
  • Fairfield Heights Reserve

    Playground:Fairfield Heights Reserve
    This playground is accessible from both Station & Camden Streets in Fairfield Heights. The playground is well equipped for the younger kids with a bicycle track and open fields for the older kids. The trees that line the outskirts of the park provide plenty of shade and a sheltered picnic table for the adults to sit on while the children are at play.
    near 129 Station Street, Fairfield Heights NSW 2165, Australia
  • Curran Street Reserve

    Playground:Curran Street Reserve
    Located between Berry & Curran Streets in Prairiewood, this ppark is filled with trees providing plenty of shade for the supervising adults. There is a small bicycle track for the older kids as well as a fair amount of open grassed area for their entertainment, while the younger kids entertain themselves on the playground. This park is elevated allowing for beautiful open and filtered views of the country side south-west of Fairfield.
    Curran Street, Prairiewood NSW, 2176, Australia
  • Nelson St

    Playground:Nelson St
    This is a small playground, built mainly to entertain the smaller children. Although there is some space for the older kids to kick a ball round or ride their bicycles, it is limited. Located on Nelson Street in Fairfield, this playground is in the near vicinity of various retail outlets situated on Barbara & Station Streets about a block away.
    Nelson Street, Fairfield NSW 2165, Australia
  • Hampton Street Reserve

    Playground:Hampton Street Reserve
    Located on the corner of Hampton Street and The Avenue in Canley Vale, this playground offers a variety of equipment for the small to medium size kids. There is a bicycle track and some grass area for the older kids too, but the focus here is on the smaller kids. Offering plenty of shade for the adults to lounge around in, this playground is easily accessible from all major routes in the area.
    near LOT 48-50 The Avenue, Canley Vale NSW 2166, Australia
  • Kipling Park

    Playground:Kipling Park
    This playground is located on the corner of Kipling Road & Fielding Close in Wetherill Park. This is a very active playground with loads of challenging equipment for both the younger and older kids. The Playground is split into junior and senior sections and is well shaded from the sun by all the big trees surrounding it. There is very little road noise due to the playground being located in the suburbs and there is a fence between the junior playground and the road.
    Kipling Road, Wetherill Park NSW, 2164, Australia
  • Arbutus Park

    Playground:Arbutus Park
    Situated in the quiet suburbs on the corner of Arbutus & Gladstone Streets in Canley Heights, this playground is perfectly designed for the younger or junior kids. It is completely fenced off, bringing peace of mind to the parents as they sit in the shade of trees, allowing their kids to play freely. There is a small bicycle track for the juniors as well as a little grass area to kick a ball round in.
    Arbutus Street, Canley Heights NSW, 2166, Australia

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