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Address: near LOT 7 Meehan Drive
Kiama Downs NSW 2533


Lovely toddler playground, located on Meehan Dr. It features a small ship play structure with tunnel slide, small tunnel, steps, lookout, and a baby swing beside. The equipment is set on rubber soft fall underfood and under shady trees. Playing field beside.



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  • Thornett Way Reserve Playground, NSW

    Playground:Thornett Way Reserve Playground, NSW
    This playground located on Thornett Way in NSW. It has swings, fort, slides, climbing frames, sliding pole, monkey bar. Bike/walk path. Picnic shelter nearby.
    near LOT 338 Thornett Way, Kiama Downs NSW 2533, Australia
  • Eureka Reserve Playground, Kiama Downs

    Located on the Moreton Bay Place. There is a very simple and quiet playground at Eureka Reserve on Moreton Bay Place in Kiama Downs. It is unfenced, unsheltered but shady by trees. You can find 2 senior swings and a slide, there is no element for toddlers.
    near Moreton Bay Place, Kiama Downs NSW 2533, Australia
  • Illuka Reserve Playground, Kiama Downs

    Playground:Illuka Reserve Playground, Kiama Downs
    This Illuka Reserve Playground is located on Riverside Drive in Kiama Downs. It is unfenced, unsheltered and best suited for the older kids. As toy equipment you can find a play system with a monkey bar, flying fox, climbing frame, bridge, poles, etc.
    near 92 Iluka Crescent, Kiama Downs NSW 2533, Australia
  • Jones Beach (Southern end) Playground, Kiama Downs

    Located on the foreshor by the beach, accessed on North Kiama Drive. Unfenced, unsheltered. There are swings, slide, sliding pole, tunnel, climbing frames, climbing wall, bridge, noughts and crosses. Surrounded with grass. Picnic tables and car parking available. Nice panorama.
    near 126 North Kiama Drive, Kiama Downs Új-Dél-Wales 2533, Ausztrália
  • Samuels Lane Playground, Kiama Downs

    Playground:Samuels Lane Playground, Kiama Downs
    This playground is located on Samuels Lane in Kiama Downs. It is unfenced, unsheltered. There are senior swings and see saw. There is a bench for parents.
    near 11 Samuels Lane, Kiama Downs NSW 2533, Australia
  • James Oates Reserve Playground, Minnamurra

    Playground:James Oates Reserve Playground, Minnamurra
    Pretty nice reserve near the foreshore features a basic playground. Accessed from Charles Ave. Unfenced, unsheltered, soft fall grounded. Surrounded with grass. Play equipment: fort, tunnel slide, regular slide smaler and bigger, too, small tunnel, sliding pole, climbing frames, monkey bar, noughts and crosses. Picnic tables, bbq, toilets, car parking available. Tennis courts beside.
    near 7 Carson Place, Minnamurra NSW 2533, Australia
  • Hindmarsh Park

    Playground:Hindmarsh Park
    This playground is in the Hindmarsh Park. Grassy open field, unfenced, soft fall grounded, naturally sheltered by trees. There are lots of picnic tables and seats. Suitable for toddlers. As toy equipment there is a play system with bridge, wave slide and tunel slide, spiral sliding pole, climbing toys, swing and baby swing, spring rider, see saw. There is a bike path beside. There are toilets, bus stops and car parking. You can have a cup of coffee at the Amaki Cottage cafe or Parkview Cafe. Also can find many kinds of food, restaurants, like Seabreeze Dining, Subway Restaurant, Saltwater Restaurant, choose pizza, thai or mexican food, all beside the park or in the surrounding streets. Nice big park with lots of seats to relax while the kids are playing.
    near LOT 10 Collins Street, Kiama NSW 2533, Australia
  • Black Beach Kiama Harbour Playground

    Playground:Black Beach Kiama Harbour Playground
    Located on Terralong St. Basic play equipment such as fort, slide, climbers and swings. Unfenced, unsheltered, best for younger kidsa. The playground is set right on the foreshore, without fence from the water. Walkway along the water. Some grass around and trees. Car park nearby. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos and details.
    near 26-28 Terralong Street, Kiama Új-Dél-Wales 2533, Ausztrália

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