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Address: 13 Daffodil St
Eastwood NSW 2122


This playground is located on Daffodil Street inside a residential area at Giraween Reserve. It is not fenced and unshaded. Toy equipment includes: two monkey bars, a see-saw and a slide.



Ryde City Council
ph: (02) 9952 8222

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  • Jim Walsh Park

    Playground:Jim Walsh Park
    This playground is located on Graham Avenue and it is partially fenced. It offers and open field area ideal for picnics.Toy equipment includes: a fort, a spinning net, a slide a basket swing and a see saw. The fort, the spinning net and the basket swing is located on a shaded area. The see saw is located at an unshaded play area. Going south you can find a clothing shop. You can find some seats and a walking track around the area as well.
    22 Graham Ave, Eastwood NSW 2122, Australia
  • Forrester Park

    Playground:Forrester Park
    This playground is set on Vimiera Road. It is partially fenced and unshaded. Basic toy equipment includes: one set of swings and some monkey bars. Seats are available around the park. There is also plenty of open field area good for picnics and ball games.
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  • Somerville Park Eastwood

    Playground:Somerville Park Eastwood
    Small playground for younger children next to Somerville Park, beside the - Childhood Eduction Centre and Café off Blaxland Rd Eastwood NSW. The area is fenced, you will find swings and a few tunnel slides as part of an interesting for playing area.
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    This great playground is at Eastwood Park. It is partially fenced and picnic shelters. The playground is divided into a lower playground and it offers: spring rockers, a swing, a slide, and music chimes and a fort. The upper playground offers: swings, a climbing frame, a slide and a see saw. A cycle path is also available.
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  • Irene Park

    Playground:Irene Park
    This park is located on Balaclava Road. Is is unfenced an unshaded. Toy equipment is just a set of swings, there is some space to run around. A bus stop is on the edge of the park.
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  • Maida Park

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    This park is located on Maida Road. It is fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a set of swings and two spring riders. Suitable for pre-schoolers.
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  • Darvall Park

    Playground:Darvall Park
    This playground is located on Chatham Road. It is fully fenced and it has got a shaded playground area. This playground offers: swings, slides, a climbing net, spring riders, a merry go round and a fort. This equipment is placed on a softfall area. You can also find oversized stone wildlife sculptures, sheltered picnic areas and a bike track. A fun popular park
    79 Chatham Rd, Denistone NSW 2114, Australia
  • Braemer Park

    Playground:Braemer Park
    This playground is located on Terry Road inside a residential area. It is partiually fenced and partially naturally shaded. Toy equipment includes: a slide, a see-saw, a set of swings and a spring rider. Please improve this article by taking a few photos - thanks
    near 19 Terry Rd, Eastwood NSW 2122, Australia

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