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Address: near 27 Old Pittwater Rd
Brookvale NSW 2100


This modern playground is set at Green St.Park on Old Pittwater Road.It is full fenced,some play area is covered with sails, other based on sand.Has shady trees around and open area for run and games,benches,picnic tables.So can find car parking.The play equipment including swings, one for toddlers,step frame, climbing wall, fort with slide and ladder,rockers, spinner, balance beam,paralel bars and other climbing frames.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Ryan Reserve

    Playground:Ryan Reserve
    This playground is inside Ryan Reserve. It is on Ryan Place and it is not fenced. Toy equipment includes: one slide and two swings.
    3 Ryan Pl, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia
  • Wedgewood Reserve

    Playground:Wedgewood Reserve
    This playground is located inside a residential area on Wedgewood Crescent. It is not fenced and naturally shaded. Toy equipment includes: two swings and a see saw. Seats are available around the park.
    34 Wedgewood Crescent, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia
  • Ankali Reserve

    Playground:Ankali Reserve
    This playground near the end of Anakali Place and links to the end of Robert Ave, so easy access from both roads. It is partially fenced and unshaded. You can find basic toy equipment: one set of swings and a merry go round. There is some seating availability as well.
    End of Ankali Pl, North Manly NSW 2100, Australia
  • Kaliana Cres

    This playground is situated at Kalianna Reserve. At the Corner of Talgara pl and Kalianna Crescent in suburbia Beacon Hill. Toy equipment includes two swings. street Parking is also available.
    Corner of Talgara pl and Kalianna Crescent, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia
  • Brookvale Northern Park

    Playground:Brookvale Northern Park
    This playground is located on Federal Parade & Brookvale. It is unfenced and naturally shaded. This playground is separated into two parts: one area is shaded and the other is unshaded. Toy equipment includes: two forts (one on each area) and one set of swings. All equipment is placed on a softfall area. You can find four shaded picnic areas, as well as seats, around the park. There is also a bike track around the park.
    LOT 47 Federal Parade, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia
  • Orara Reserve

    Playground:Orara Reserve
    This playground is located on Orara Road inside Orara Reserve. You can find basic toy equipment: One set of swings and a see-saw. It is unfenced and limited natural shad.
    End of Orara Rd, Allambie Heights NSW 2100, Australia
  • Beacon Hill Reserve

    There is a fenced playground at Beacon Hill Reserve (Willandra Reserve, Beacon Hill Playing Fields) on Willandra Road, right on top of Beacon Hill. The play equipment is set on rubber soft fall underfoot and includes, fort, slides, safely sitting merry go round, climbing wall, spring riders, climbing net, sliding and climbing poles, spinner, climbing frames and benches for the parents. You can find grassland around, great for running, ball ames or even to flying kite. There is a lookout for more experience and joy. Car parking available. Parents, you can improve this article by uploading some photos.
    near 26 Willandra Road, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia
  • Quarry Reserve

    Playground:Quarry Reserve
    This small grassy playground is located on Amourin Street. It is unfenced and has a some natural shade. You can find basic toy equipment: a set of swings and a spring rider. A picnic table is available a the side of this playground.
    near 15 Amourin St, North Manly NSW 2100, Australia

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