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Address: near 5 Cork Street
Gundaroo NSW 2620


The Gundaroo Recreation Ground Playground is located on Cork Street in Gundaroo. It is fenced and has nice trees giving some shade. Basic toy equipment can be found : play system with slide, poles, ladder, and a baby and a senior swing. There are benches, picnic tables, sheltered BBQ, public toilets and a large oval for the kids.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Sutton Recreation Ground and Playground, NSW

    Playground:Sutton Recreation Ground and Playground, NSW
    This simple rural playground can be accessed by West St and Camp St. It's unfenced, unsheltered. Set by tennis courts and an oval. There is a play unit with slide, climbers and few other elements.
    near 11 West Street, Sutton NSW 2620, Australia
  • Heritage Park, Forde

    Playground:Heritage Park, Forde
    There is a cool playground at Heritage Park, located on Neil Harris Cres in Forde. The play area is unfenced, unsheltered and has soft fall underfoot. The play equipment includes a baby and a senior swing, various spinners, spring rider, tunnel slides, a challenging climbing set and a smaller slide with climbing net and some climbi ng frames for the younger kids. There is running a cute bike track around the play areas. At the side you can find a covered picnic area with tables and BBQ. Car park is close on Francis Forde Boulevard. It is a great place to heva a big fun and fine outdoor lunch with the kids.
    near Neil Harris Cres, Forde ACT 2914, Australia
  • Proserpine Circuit Playground, Amaroo ACT

    Playground:Proserpine Circuit Playground, Amaroo ACT
    This playground is accessed off Proserpine Circuit. The play area is unfenced and unsheltered. Best suited for younger kids and for toddlers. The play elements includes: baby plus senior swing, spring rider, pommel swing, fort with slide, monkey bar, bridge, parallel bars and some other toys. There is a seat and bike way. The park has nice grassy area, it is good for sports and for some ball games.
    near 35-37 Proserpine Circuit, Amaroo ACT 2914, Australia
  • Moonlight Avenue Playground, Harrison ACT

    Playground:Moonlight Avenue Playground, Harrison ACT
    There is an unfenced, unsheltered playground on Glow Worm Grove. It is suitable for younger kids and for toddlers. The play elements includes: baby plus senior swing, stand on spinner, see saw, cup spinner, fort with slide, tunnels, ladder and some other interesting toys. There is a bike way and car parking. The big grassy area is perfect for the kids for any play, ball games and so.
    near LOT 1 Moonlight Avenue, Harrison ACT 2914, Australia
  • Harrison Park Playground,Amaroo, ACT

    Playground:Harrison Park Playground,Amaroo, ACT
    This little but pretty playground is set at Harrison Park on Mary Gillespie Ave.Large grassy open area.Some bush and shady trees around.It is unfenced,unsheltered on soft fall.Has 2 climbing tower with slide,ladder,metal slide,hurricane,spring riders,swings,see-saw.You can find benches for parents and car parking.
    near 84 Mary Gillespie Ave, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia
  • Yerrabi Pond District Park Playground, Amaroo ACT

    Playground:Yerrabi Pond District Park Playground, Amaroo ACT
    This playground is located on Corringle Close. The play area is unfenced and partially shaded by trees. Best suited for younger kids. The equipment has: swing, slide, tunnels, spring rider, spiral pole, climbing mat, fort and some other toys. There is a bike way. The grassy area is perfect for kids to run, kick the ball or even other games playing.
    near 47 Corringle Close, Amaroo ACT 2914, Australia
  • Mullion Park

    Playground:Mullion Park
    This park is locatedon Tanami Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find two separate areas. On one area you can find two spring riders, a play system with a slide, a see-saw, a sliding pole and a set of swings. At another area you can find a merry go round, a set of monkey bars and a sliding pole. A bike track and parking is available at the side of this park.
    15 Tanami Street, Harrison Territorio de la Capital Australiana 2914, Australia
  • Yerrabi Adventure Playground

    Playground:Yerrabi Adventure Playground
    This is a well equipped adventure playground for all ages and all abilities. It is situated next to Yerrabi Pond on Wunderlich Street in Gungahlin. The playground equipment has extra elements: giant Tarzan swing, crazy long double flying fox, extra long Burmese bridge. Also a fenced and shaded Liberty swing for kids in wheelchairs with a bench inside the fence. Of course, there is a play area for the younger ones which is set on soft fall underfoot and shaded by sails. It has baby and senior swing, crazy spinners, spring riders, monkey bar, flying fox and ship play structure with slide, bridge, sliding pole, climbing frames. There are superb tracks for bikes, scooters and rollers. If it's still not enough, you can find skate park and basket court. Sure, kids with any ages will find interests and exciting activities. The pond has plenty of bird life and ducks to view and feed them it is always interesting for the littlies. Nice grasslands with trees for relaxing walk. So, while children have fun, families can enjoy their barbecue as there are picnic areas with and without shelters, and people can also do sports. Car park is available right beside the playground. It is fantastic place with lots of facilities and activities, nothing is missing for a meaty, long and funny family day!
    near 14 Wunderlich Street, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia

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