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Address: entrance to the parking space is opposite 19 Pringle Road
Plumpton NSW 2761


A beautifully designed playground is partially fenced, but not shaded. Toys for children include climbing set, three set of swings, see-saw, rope bridge, rope ladder, climbing net. Children can run around the grassy area or drive bikes on paths. In the middle are two benches, parking spaces are in front of the playground.



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  • Mittigar Reserve

    Playground:Mittigar Reserve
    There is a cool playground at Mittigar Reserve on Luxford Road, Hassall Grove. It best suited for older kids, there is a huge flying fox for real experience. Also there are swings, balance ring and more entertaining elements. Great grasslands, sports courts and bike tracks provide more activities. You can find car parking and toilets. Great place for some outdoor activities and picnic. You can help to make better this article by uploading some photos.
    near LOT 202 Luxford Road, Hassall Grove NSW 2761, Australia
  • Sanford St

    Playground:Sanford St
    The Stanford Street playground is located on 9 Stanford Street, Glennding, New South Wales. It is located in a suburban area. It has a field for pre, primary and high schoolers to play and run around in. It also has a bicycle track for pre and primary schoolers. The playground has swings, climbing wall, a boat, spring riders and a see-saw for pre and primary schoolers. The park has benches and waste bins around it. The playground is partially fenced.
    9 Sanford St, Glendenning NSW 2761, Australia
  • Piccolo Way

    Playground:Piccolo Way
    The playground on Piccolo Way is located on 7-13 Piccolo Way, Shalvey, New South Wales. The playground is located in a residential area. It's suitable for pre and primary schoolers. It has a see-saw swing and 2 climbing towers all placed on soft fall. It also has a bicycle track going around the playground. There is an open field around the playground for children to play and run around in. It is partially fenced with a barricade. There are benches all around the playground for parents to sit on and keep an eye on their children as they play and have fun.
    7-13 Piccolo Way, Shalvey NSW 2770, Australia
  • Wren Shelter - Nurragingy Reserve Playground, Doonside,NSW

    Playground:Wren Shelter - Nurragingy Reserve Playground, Doonside,NSW
    At the western side of Nurragingy Reserve at Joe McAleer Park has a small playground on Winten Dr.Unfenced,unsheltered,next is an oval and little open grassy area for some games.The equipment includes climbing frames,climbing net tower,climbing wall,verticale climbing net,different poles,abacus,slide,spring rider,balance beam.Has car parking,seats,bike track and some shady trees around.
    near 61-63 Winten Dr, Glendenning NSW 2761, Australia
  • Rooty Hill Central Park

    Playground:Rooty Hill Central Park
    Playground is located in the middle of green area so kids have a lot of space to run around and play. Toys are just basic - two swings (one baby), spring rider. There are some poles where kids can run around or climb. Parking spaces are available if entering from Rooty Hill Rd South. If you want some coffee or eve lunch there's Lone Pine Tavern across the street. Please help make this article better and add some photo and comments, thank you
    near 2 Barker Street, Rooty Hill NSW 2766, Australia
  • Nicolaidis Crescent

    Playground:Nicolaidis Crescent
    The playground in Nicolaidis Crescent is located on 21 Nicolaidis Crescent, Rooty Hill, New South Wales. The play ground is suitable for pre, primary and high schoolers and is located in a residential area. It has a fort, slide and monkey bar on soft fall; there is also a see-saw swing. It has a basketball court for primary and high schoolers. There is an open field around the playground for children to run around and play in.
    21 Nicolaidis Crescent, Rooty Hill NSW 2766, Australia
  • Mt Druitt Park

    Playground:Mt Druitt Park
    This partially fenced playground has two spring riders, fort with slide and ladders, climbing net, see-saw and two swings (one baby). Children have lots of space to run. A couple of benches are there for parents. Toilets and car parking are near by.
    opposite 33-35 Ropes Creek Road, Mount Druitt NSW 2770, Australia
  • Nurragingy Reserve Playground

    Playground:Nurragingy Reserve Playground
    Nurragingy Reserve Playground is a great area with a couple of playgrounds located at different spots. There are lots of picnic tables and BBQ's and plenty of car parking space. It's a great family outing spot for hiking or ball sports or just family picnic. Please help make this article better for other parents by taking and uploading a handful of photos when you visit, thanks
    near 40 Knox Road, Doonside NSW 2767, Australia

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