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Address: corner of Alexandra Ave, HillView St and New England Hwy
Rutherford NSW 2320


One small and one big climbing tower are the only thing children can play on here.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Norm Chapman Oval

    Playground:Norm Chapman Oval
    Children can play on two swings (one baby), climbing set, fort with two slides,bridge,stairs,spiral stairs,climbing wall and a see-saw. Bench is beside the playground, parking spaces near by. Toward the open field there's also a shaded picnic table.
    corner of Dunkley Street and Fairfax St, Rutherford NSW 2320, Australia
  • Peppertree Park

    Playground:Peppertree Park
    A nice playground with fort with stairs,rope bridge,two slides,climbing wall, two spring riders and swings. Children can drive their bikes on track around the playground or run around. There's one bench.
    opposite 16 Honeyoak Drive, Aberglasslyn NSW 2320, Australia
  • Maitland Park, Telarah

    Playground:Maitland Park, Telarah
    The playground is on Elizabeth Street in Telarah. The park is fenced, unsheltered and suitable for all ages and all abilities. There is swimming pool, a baby and a senior swing, slide, liberty swing and more other element. The area is surrounded big grass, good for ball games. Car parking is available. There is a playground here but we have not visited yet. Please email me some photos when you visit and we can get the article up quickly for other parents.
    near 18-22 Elizabeth Street, Telarah NSW 2320, Australia
  • Walka Water Works Picnic Reserve

    Playground:Walka Water Works Picnic Reserve
    This is a big area for family picnics where children can run around freely. They can play on two sets of swing - each two swings (one baby), on two different see-saws and climbing net. If you prefer water games you can enjoy in the water. Mini train rides are available every Sunday from 11 a.m. ($3 per passenger). You can observe up to 300 bird species while walking on trails that surround the lake. Toilets and parkings spaces are available.
    55 Scobies Lane, Oakhampton Heights NSW 2320, Australia
  • Victoria Street Maitland

    Playground:Victoria Street Maitland
    This playground is located on The corner of Athel Dombrain Drive and Victoria Street in Maitland. It is a very simple playground with a see saw and 1 baby plus 1 senior swing. Best suited for younger kids. The play area is covered and soft fall grounded. There is a bench for parents under a shady tree. The grassy area beside the playground is good for some ball games.
    near 62 Victoria Street, Maitland NSW 2320, Australia
  • Maitland Park

    Playground:Maitland Park
    Maitland Park has a great playground with something for everyone. Children can play on forts with slides,stairs,rope bridges,climbing walls, flying fox... There are many sensory exploration areas and everything is accessible for wheelchairs (including swings). Next to the playground is a bike track with road signs (not fenced) fro children to learn their skills. Picnic tables and BBQ's are available around the area. Cafe is located across the parking lot. Parking spaces - including 4 for disabled - are in front of the playground. Please help make this article better for other parents by taking and uploading a handful of photos when you visit, thanks
    80 Devonshire Street Maitland NSW 2320, Australia
  • Lions Park Maitland

    Playground:Lions Park Maitland
    This is a basic playground. Children can play on two swings (one baby), slide and two spring riders. There's one bench. Playground may have sun-shade. Toilets and parking spaces are near by.
    corner of James and Odd Street, Maitland NSW 2320, Australia
  • Bolwarra Lookout

    Playground:Bolwarra Lookout
    Playground is located at the lookaout point with spectacular view on the country. With a couple of sheltered picnic tables and BBQ's this is a perfect family picnic spot. There are plenty of parking spaces. Children can play under a sun shade. Please help make this article better for other parents by taking and uploading a handful of photos when you visit, thanks
    near 181 Paterson Road, Bolwarra NSW 2320, Australia

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