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Address: near LOT 14 White Cres
Kandos NSW 2848


It is usual playground set at Kandos Park on White Cres. Has benches,Picnic table,garbage bin,shady trees around.So nice grassy open area for some games.Toys:little fort with ladder and slide, swings one for toddlers,flying fox,spring rider,climbing tower with some elements.Suitable for car parking.



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  • Lawson Park Playground, Mudgee NSW

    Playground:Lawson Park Playground, Mudgee NSW
    A pretty nice park on the bank of Cudgegong River, there are lovely picnic spots (covered picnic areas), bike and walk ways, swimming pool, nice spaces and of course a playground. The play area is partly fenced, and unsheltered. Good equipment: forts, bigger and smaller slide, abacus, climbing rope tower, various climbing frames, swings, tunnel, ix-ox, etc. Plenty of car parking right there. There are more restaurants nearby. You can help to make this article better by uploading photos, thanks.
    near 13 Short St, Mudgee NSW 2850, Australia
  • Robertson Park, Mudgee

    Playground:Robertson Park, Mudgee
    This playground is set at Robertson Park on Lovejoy Street in Mudgee. It is fenced, partially shaded by sail, soft fall grounded. Suitable for all abilities. a play system with ramp, fort, slide and various climbing frames, there are senior swings and a swing with special harness, stand on spinner. There is a cute bike track for small bikers. You can chill on bench inside the fence or cook some fine outdoor food as there is a covered BBQ and picnic tables outside the fence or lounge in the grass reading some good book. At the middle of the park there is a pretty nice rotunda surrounded with rose beds. Great place for some outdoor recreation. Car park is right there, toilets are for a few meters.
    near 17 Lovejoy Street, Mudgee NSW 2850, Australia
  • Queen Elizabeth Park

    Playground:Queen Elizabeth Park
    This playground is set at Queen Elizabeth Park on Peachman Avenue in Lithgow. Fenced, unsheltered, suitable for toddlers. There are plenty of swings including baby and pommel swigs. Furthermore, an interesting tunnel slide element and a fort with slide, bridge, monkey bar, climbing frames and some play platforms for the youngers. Kids can run around or play ball games in the grass. The parents can chill on benches or at picnic tables under shady trees at the side of the playground. You can find a rotunda, benches and walk paths for more chill. Nice relaxing place, good for taking the kids to play outdoor.
    near Peachman Avenue, Lithgow NSW 2790, Australia
  • Ralph Cameron Oval Playground, Raglan NSW

    Playground:Ralph Cameron Oval Playground, Raglan NSW
    The playground is best accessed from Frome St. The play equipment is unfenced, shaded by sails. There are two ovals and two tennis courts beside. Car parking available. Please, if you have some details and photos about this playground, you can help to make this article better by adding them. Thanks :)
    near 49 Frome Street, Raglan NSW 2795, Australia
  • Laffing Waters Park Playground, NSW

    Playground:Laffing Waters Park Playground, NSW
    It's a well equipped, shaded and partly fenced play area. Suitable for toddlers and for older kids, too. The toy equipment: baby and senior swing, stand on spinner, spring rider, vertical spider rope net, fort with two towers, wave slide, steps, climbing wall, bridge, spiral pole, smaller slide, pommel step bridge and other entertaining elements. There is a bench beside. Open grass around.
    near 7 Halfpenny Drive, Kelso NSW 2795, Australia
  • Bunora Park Playground, Kelso NSW

    Playground:Bunora Park Playground, Kelso NSW
    Located between Miriyan Dr and Kabbera Blvd, Kelso. Fenced, sheltered. Surrounded with open grass. You will find a fort, slide, shop front, bigger slide, bridge, climbing frames, big climbing net system, sliding pole, swings and more other toys.
    near 1-3 Miriyan Drive, Kelso NSW 2795, Australia
  • Bonnor St Park Playground, Kelso NSW

    Playground:Bonnor St Park Playground, Kelso NSW
    Located on Bonnor St. Fenced, partly shaded, soft fall grounded, suitable for toddlers. Toy equipment: fort, slide, baby and senior swing, and few other toys. Court nearby and open grassy space.
    near 24 Bonnor Street, Kelso NSW 2795, Australia
  • Berry Park Playground, Bathurst

    Playground:Berry Park Playground, Bathurst
    Accessed off Lions Club Dr near Great Western Highway. Set under shady trees, unfenced. There is a slide, a spring rider, two senior swings and pommel swing. A bench beside. A skate park is across the street. Volleyball courts nearby, also a cafe. Car parking. Open grassy spaces. Picnic shelters with tables and bbqs.
    near 8 Lions Club Drive, Kelso NSW 2795, Australia

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