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Address: near 27 Ryeland Street
Miller NSW 2168


Located between Ryeland and Kenilworth Streets. Unfenced, unsheltered, soft fall grounded, suitable for toddlers, best for younger kids. Baby and senior swing, fort, bridge, small slide, steps, sliding pole. Bench at the side. Open grass around, bike/walk track through the park.



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  • Antares Ave Playground, Hinchinbrook NSW

    Playground:Antares Ave Playground, Hinchinbrook NSW
    This playground can be accessed by Antares Ave and Banks Rd. It's set by a big playing field. Partly fenced, soft fall grounded, unsheltered, suitable for toddlers. There is a baby and a senior swing, a fort, bridge, small slide and climbing mat. It's best for younger kids. There are two covered picnic tables and a bbq beside. Big open lawn. Run/walk/bike track around the field.
    near 22-26 Antares Avenue, Hinchinbrook NSW 2168, Australia
  • Morgan Park Playground, Miller NSW

    Playground:Morgan Park Playground, Miller NSW
    Found on Morgan St. Unfenced, unsheltered, soft fall grounded, suitable for toddlers. There is a fort with tunnel slide, steps and ladder, abacus, flying fox, baby and senior swing. Best for younger kids. Some open grass around. Covered bench.
    near 17 Morgan Street, Miller NSW 2168, Australia
  • Blamfield Park Playground, Busby

    This playground is located on Cartwright Avenue in Busby. It is unfenced and has nice trees giving some shade. As toy equipment you can find a play system with two monkey bars, flying fox, slide, sliding poles and two spring riders. There is a walk path at this park. Surrounded with some grass.
    69 Cartwright Avenue, Busby NSW 2168, Australia
  • Woodward Cres Playground, Miller NSW

    Playground:Woodward Cres Playground, Miller NSW
    Basic local playground for the littlies. Stand on spinner, small slide, climbers, noughts and crosses, sliding pole, all set on rubber. Two benches at the side. Located on Woodward Cres.
    near 18 Woodward Crescent, Miller NSW 2168, Australia
  • Murragan Park Playground, Hinchinbrook NSW

    Playground:Murragan Park Playground, Hinchinbrook NSW
    Nice big shady park, located on South Liverpool Rd. The playground is inside the park, surrounded with some grass and lots of trees. It's unfenced, soft fall grounded. Has the basic elements as monkey bars, pole, slide, springer, etc. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos and details, thanks.
    near 216 South Liverpool Road, Hinchinbrook NSW 2168, Australia
  • Formica Park Playground, Busby NSW

    This small playground is set at Formica Park on the corner of St Johns Rd and South Liverpool Road, Busby. Unfenced, unsheltered, shady by trees. You can find a see saw and a play system with slide, monkey bar, sliding pole and climbing frames. There is no seat for the parents, so you can bring a blanket and chill in the grass while the kids are burning some energy.
    near 83 South Liverpool Road, Busby NSW 2168, Australia
  • Playground Green Valley NSW

    Playground:Playground Green Valley NSW
    There is a good playground on Falcon Circuit, at big playing fields, behind The Valley Plaza. We have no details about this playground, so you can help to improve this article by adding some details and photos, thanks :)
    near 17 Falcon Circuit, Green Valley NSW 2168, Australia
  • Starling Park Playground, Green Valley

    Playground:Starling Park Playground, Green Valley
    This playground is located on the Starling Street in Green Valley. It is unfenced, partially shaded by nice trees and surrounded with some grass. You can find a play unit with monkey bar, flying fox, climbing net, bridge, ladder, poles, noughts and crosses and spring rider. There is a bench under natural shade. Car parking, too.
    near 49-51 Starling Street, Green Valley NSW 2168, Australia

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