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Address: near 20 Park Road
Speers Point NSW 2284


{{Playground|This is a colorful new playground located in Speers Point Park at lake Macquarie. In 2011 it has been nominated Best Play Space in Australia by Parks and Leisure Australia. Kids can ride on bike tracks, play on all sorts of swings, including Variety swing for disabled. There are several climbing toys, such as 12 metre climbing tower, large climbing net and climbing walls. There's a 9 metre long slide, lots of water play area and sandy areas. And let's not forget about the double flying fox. Plenty of toys for everyone so better reserve a whole day so kids can explore it all. BBQ and picnic tables and other sitting areas are all around. Toilets are across the street. Parking area includes two parking spaces for disabled.|near 20 Park Road
Speers Point NSW 2284



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    Playground:Speers Point
    A nice playground where children can play on two forts with slide,stairs,climbing sets, flying fox and spring riders. Around the playground are many picnic tables (most set under the trees) and a bike track. Toilets are located at the beginning of the parking lot (with lots of parking space).
    Park Rd, Speers Point NSW 2284, Australia
  • Warner Park Playground

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    Playground is fenced and mostly shaded by trees. There a few toys and lots of space for children to run around or drive their bikes. Parents can go check different shops and cafes along Lake St or The Esplanade.
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  • Toronto Lions Park, Toronto

    Toronto Lions Park is a nice park with lots of space for children to run around. They can play on four swings (two baby), two forts with slides,stairs,ladders. Lake is very near the playground. There are BBQ and picnic tables (some sheltered). Toilets are a bit far towards the entrance. Parking space for disabled is in front of the toilets.
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    A nice park with plenty of space for family picnics. Children have two playgrounds, bike path and a skate park which is on the other side of the parking lot. BBQ's and picnic tables are all around. There are many parking spaces. Open water is nearby, toliets are on the way towards the water. Please help make this article better for other parents by taking and uploading a handful of photos when you visit, thanks
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    corner of Brighton Ave and Wharf St, Toronto NSW 2283, Australia

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