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Address: Richards Street
Blaxland NSW


This playground can be accessed from both Matthew Parade & Richards Street in Blaxland. It offers playground equipment for the younger kids, surrounded by tennis courts and large open grassed areas for the older kids to enjoy. There is plenty of shade on offer from the trees that line the park.



Blue Mountains City Council
ph: (02) 4723 5000

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Thomas Park, Blaxland

    This playground is found between Ravine & Park Avenue in Blaxland and is accessible from both. There are 2 playground areas, one for the younger kids which is completely fenced and a playground for the older kids too. It has swings, slides fort and some other toys.
    Ravine Avenue, Blaxland NSW, 2774, Australia
  • St Johns Rd

    Playground:St Johns Rd
    This playground is located on St Johns Road in Blaxland and is well equipped for both the younger and older kids. There are two sets of equipment in the playground, one for the juniors and one for the slightly older kids. There are also two basketball courts alongside the play area keeping the oldest kids entertained, while the adults sit around a picnic table in the shade of the trees.
    St Johns Road, Blaxland NSW, 2774, Australia
  • Strathdon Crescent

    Playground:Strathdon Crescent
    This playground can be found on the corner of Strathdon Crescent & Wakeford Place in Blaxland. It is a very simple playground with only a slide and swings as the equipment offering. It also offers a small grassed area and some park bench seats.
    Strathdon Crescent, Blaxland NSW, 2774, Australia
  • Hope St Playground, Blaxland NSW

    Located on Hope St in Blaxland NSW. Basic, partly fenced, shady by trees. Play equipment: climbing net, some "rocks" and "crocodile" on the rubber surface, springer and few other toys. Car park beside. Bench. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos.
    near 11 Hope Street, Blaxland NSW 2774, Australia
  • Whitton Park

    Playground:Whitton Park
    This playground is located on Moore Street in Glenbrook. It is a small and basic playground which will keep the juniors happily entertained, while the older kids enjoy the expanse of open grass area that surrounds it. There is a sheltered picnic area and plenty of trees to provide shade while overlooking the Glenbrook Panthers Bowling Club.
    Moore Street, Glenbrook NSW, 2773, Australia
  • Hare St

    Playground:Hare St
    This playground is located on Hare Street in Glenbrook. The playground is completely fenced in and is overlooked by a shaded picnic area. The playground itself is also well shaded and alongside the Glenbrook Oval Cricket Field. It is well equipped for the young kids, with a skateboard park and other open areas on offer for the older kids. Parents can easily enjoy themselves relaxing while all the kids are at play.
    Hare Street, Glenbrook NSW, 2773, Australia
  • Robertswood Park

    Playground:Robertswood Park
    Found on Robertswood Avenue in Blaxland, this playground is small yet well equipped with plenty to keep the younger kids happy. There is a picnic table on offer as well a grassed area with vast amounts of shade.
    Robertswood Avenue, Blaxland NSW, 2774, Australia
  • Glenbrook Park

    This playground is found in Glenbrook Park which is located on Park Street in Glenbrook. It is filled with activity and playground equipment for children of all ages. There is plenty of picnic areas for the adults to relax around with plenty of trees providing shade for everyone.
    Park Street, Glenbrook NSW, 2773, Australia

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