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Address: near 21 Russart St
Lyndhurst NSW 2797


Nice playground is set on Russart Street. Suitable for toddlers and all abilites.It is unfenced,unsheltered.Toys:fort with slide,swings,paralel bars,climbing frames and little basketball court.Shedy trees around. Seats under the trees,picnic tables,bbq,car parking,toilets.So kids and adults can enjoy to be active together.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Blayney Adventure Playground - Heritage Park

    Playground:Blayney Adventure Playground - Heritage Park
    Blayney Adventure Playground is situated at Heritege Park on Adelaide Street and Hobbys Yards Road. Well equipped and pretty nice place with more play areas. As toy equipment, you can find many of toys for all ages, there are senior, pommel and baby swings, giant flying fox (it is uncovered), springers, spinners, slides, tunnels, various climbing and sliding frames, sand pit with diggers, mini train, giant chess game and more. The play areas are covered and soft fall grounded. Cool bike track is running around and between the play areas. Some grassy areas are good for ball games. Furthermore you can find fenced dog off-leash area, fenced wetlands and tennis courts beside. Picnic facilities are available, including BBQs and covered picnic tables. Car parking and toilets are available, too. Fantastic place for family and group picnics and for active and passive recreations.
    near 2 Adelaide Street, Blayney NSW 2799, Australia
  • Milthorpe Playground

    Playground:Milthorpe Playground
    This playground is a well equipped one, set on Millthorpe Road in Millthorpe. Fenced, unsheltered, suitable for toddlers. The play equipment has lots of element: baby, senior and pommel swings, slides, challenging set of climbing frames, sliding poles, playhouse with small tunnel, running roller, see saw, abacus and more entertaining toys. There are benches for the lazy parents, also picnic tables with and without covers for the hungry ones. You can find tennis courts beside and a big grassy sports court which is great for some ball and sports games. Car park is right next to the playground. Nice country feel. Great place for big play and fun! If you are there don't forget to visit the Golden Memories Millthorpe Museum on Park Street.
    near Millthorpe Road, Millthorpe NSW 2798, Australia
  • Lake Canobolas

    This playground is set near the Lake Canobolas Rd near the lake. It is unfenced, partially shaded, suitable for toddlers. The play elements including senior and baby swings, mini boat with steering wheel, a set of various climbing frames, flying fox and more. Toilets nearby including disabled. There are nice and interesting walk and bike paths, grassy areas, seats, picnic facilities including covered tables and BBQs, all are great for recreational activities and relax. Pretty nice and natural environment with big trees and nice views. Great for family relaxes! Parents, you can help to make this article better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
    near LOT 2 Manchester Road, Canobolas NSW 2800, Australia
  • John Lomas Skatepark

    Playground:John Lomas Skatepark
    John Lomas Skatepark is situated on the corner of Anson St and Warrendine St, next to Moulder Park's sport courts, Orange. It is for older kids, there are no elements for the youngers and toddlers. There are benches around, and big grassy areas good for ball games.
    near Cnr of Anson St and Warrendine St, Orange NSW 2800, Australia
  • Elephant Park

    Playground:Elephant Park
    This playground is situated on Woodward Road. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a see-saw, a set of swings, a climbing tower and a monkey bar.
    near 96 Woodward Street, Orange NSW 2800, Australia
  • Brougham Park

    Playground:Brougham Park
    There is a well equipped playground at the pretty nice Brougham Park on Fitzroy Street in Cowra. It is shady by trees plus covered, unfenced, suitable for toddlers. The play equipment includes fort, slide, swings, various climbing frames and more entertaining elements. There are covered picnic tables and covered BBQ. Toilets are close. Nice grassy spaces dotted with nice trees, cute paths and in the middle of the park there is a lovely rotunda. You can bring ball for the littlies to kick it and a picnic blanket to lounge in the grass under shady trees. Really nice and relaxing place, great for family picnics. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
    near 94 Fitzroy Street, Cowra NSW 2794, Australia
  • Cook Park, Orange

    Playground:Cook Park, Orange
    swing: swing: Seat: Seat: Seat: Seat: Picnic tables: Picnic tables: Picnic tables: {{Playground|There is a very simple playground at Cook Park on Kite Street, Orange. As toy equipment you can find senior and baby swings. The park is pretty nice and relaxing with walk paths, duck pond, nice trees and grassy areas, benches and picnic tables. Good for some afternoon picnic with the littlites.|near 30 Kite Street
    Orange NSW 2800
    near 30 Kite Street, Orange NSW 2800, Australia
  • River Park, Cowra

    Playground:River Park, Cowra
    This playground is set at River Park what is on the edge of Lachlan River in Cowra. You can reach it from Taragala Street, also there are car parks. The playground is situated adjacent to the Cowra Swimming pool and over looks many of the well kept sporting fields. It is unfenced, unsheltered but shady by beautiful big trees. The play equipment includes swings, pommel swings, forts, slides, various climbing and sliding frames, monkey bar, flying fox and more elements that keep kids entertained. You can find beautiful grassy areas for picnics, also picnic tables and BBQs. Toilets are available, too. Excellent place for family active recreations and family days. You can help to improve this article by uploading some photos.
    near 137 Taragala Street, Cowra NSW 2794, Australia

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