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Address: near 65 Macarthur Road
Elderslie NSW 2570


There is a basic, fenced reserve on Macarthur Rd. The playground is unsheltered, there are some trees around and small grassy space. The play equipment includes a baby plus a senior swing, fort, monkey bars, slide, ladder, sliding pole, steering wheel, spring rider and other basic elements.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Merino Reserve Playground, Elderslie NSW

    Playground:Merino Reserve Playground, Elderslie NSW
    It's a small, unfenced and unsheltered playground, located on Southdown Rd. There is a baby plus a senior swing, 2 springers and a slide. It's best for younger kids. A picnic table beside. Plenty of grassy room around and trees.
    near 2 Southdown Road, Elderslie NSW 2570, Australia
  • Hilder Reserve Playground, Elderslie NSW

    Playground:Hilder Reserve Playground, Elderslie NSW
    There is a roomy reserve on the corner of Harrington St and Lowe Cres. The reserve features playing field and fenced, shaded playground. Car parking, toilets available. You can improve this article by adding details and photos of this playground, thanks :)
    near 5 Lowe Crescent, Elderslie NSW 2570, Australia
  • Curry Reserve Playground, Elderslie NSW

    This playground is located on Camden Valley Way inside Curry Reserve. It is unfenced and partially shaded. As toy equipment you can find a play sytem with a bridge, spring rider, a playhouse, a slide and few other basic elements. At the side you can find a set of swings and a monkey bar. This reserve offers a variety of facilities: covered picnic shelter, barbecue facilities, off street parking, toilets and a bike track. Nice flower beds, walk paths.
    near 6-50 Camden Valley Way, Elderslie NSW 2570, Australia
  • Fletcher Cl Park/Ryeland Cl Playground, Elderslie NSW

    There is a basic, hidden local park, named Fletcher Close Park, best accessed from Ryeland Cl. It features a simple local playground with baby and senior swing and slide. There is some open grass beside.
    near 4 Ryeland Close, Elderslie NSW 2570, Australia
  • Fuchs Reserve Playground, Elderslie NSW

    There is a good, fenced, shaded playground, which is accessed from Southdown Rd, Border Cl and Lindsey Pl. The equipment is mainly wooden, and you can find double slide, clatter bridge, shop front, various climbers, smaller slide, monkey bar, etc. the reserve has grassy room, trees, seating, picnic and bbq facilities, water tap, car parking and walking path. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos.
    near 89 Southdown Road, Elderslie NSW 2570, Australia
  • Kirkham Park Playground, NSW

    This playground is located next to a couple of sporting spots - oval, basketball courts and BMX Club. Kids can play on fort with slide, stepping stones, climbing spider net and rope bridge or on swings or spring rider. Seating, picnic tables, water tap, car parking. Please help make this article better and add some photos, thank you.
    near 80 Camden Valley Way, Elderslie NSW 2570, Australia
  • Ettiesdale Reserve Playground, Spring Farm NSW

    Playground:Ettiesdale Reserve Playground, Spring Farm NSW
    It's a simple playground which is located on Ettiesdale Rd. It's unfenced, unsheltered. The play equipment includes pommel swing, slide, spring rider, a baby plus a senior swing. There is a bench at the side. Some grass is around. Bus stop is right there.
    near 14 Ettlesdale Road, Spring Farm NSW 2570, Australia
  • Macarthur Park, Camden

    This playground is situated at the pretty nice Macarthur Park on Menangle Road in Camden. Partially fenced, unsheltered. There are swings, springer, slide, spinner. The equipment is best suited to younger kids. The pretty nice environment with trees, grasslands, flower gardens, walk paths, benches to sit are make this park very enjoyable and excellent for some relax. Bring a blanket, pack some sweets and chill in the grass. You can help to make this playground better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
    near 13 Menangle Road, Camden NSW 2570, Australia

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