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Address: near 17-19 Norman Street
Concord NSW 2137


This playground is set in Majors Bay Reserve, located on Norman Street in Concord. It is unfenced, unsheltered. There is play unit with slide, pole, ladder, tunnel and small climbing wall. There is bench under natural shade. There is a football court for older kids and adults.



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  • Howse Park Playground, Concord

    Playground:Howse Park Playground, Concord
    This playground is set in Howse Park, situated on Turner Avenue in Concord. The play area is unfenced, shady with nice trees. Suitable for toddlers. There is play unit with fort, slide, tunnel, abacus, poles, spring riders, mini boat with seats, set of swings, including baby swings and rope climbing tower. There are two benches. Car parking, too.
    near 20 Turner Avenue, Concord NSW 2137, Australia
  • Warbrick Park Playground, NSW

    Playground:Warbrick Park Playground, NSW
    The playground is located on Concord Road, NSW. It has slides, swings and climbing frames. It has also a fort and seats nearby.
    near 246 Concord Road, Concord West NSW 2138, Australia
  • Central Park Playground, Concord

    Playground:Central Park Playground, Concord
    This playground is set in Central Park, located on the Wellbank Street in Concord. The playground is unfenced, naturally shaded and suitable for toddlers. Equipment: two forts with bridge, climbing net, poles, slide, see saw, abacus, another fort with slide, monkey bar, ladder, a baby and a senior swing and some other toys. There are two rotundas with tables, a few benches, public toilets, car parking, bike path.
    near 92-94 Wellbank Street, Concord NSW 2137, Australia
  • Edwards Park, NSW

    This playground offers a large variety of toys, such as swings, slide, monkey bar, spring riders and a play system. There's lots of space for running around and ball games. Toilets are near by, parking spaces and bus station are by the street. Though lacking shadow it's a nice playground to bring your children and spend a couple of hours playing and having fun.
    opposite 10-12 Brewer Street, Concord NSW 2137, Australia
  • Rhodes Park

    Playground:Rhodes Park
    A nice playground with plenty of parking spots and Kokoda cafe next door. Kids can play on forts with slide and monkey bar. There are swings and some other toys. Plenty of green area to run around. Please help make this article better and add some photos and data, thank you
    near 1A Killoola Street, Concord West NSW 2138, Australia
  • Village Green Playground,Liberty Grove NSW

    Playground:Village Green Playground,Liberty Grove NSW
    This small playground is set at Village Green, on Settlers Boulevard.The play area is fenced with shady trees. You can find seats, picnic tables,car parking, big grassed area for many ball games and run around. Also the bike and walk paths. The toys are: some fort with slide and steps, climbing net and other. The equippment based on sand. Near is swimming basin.
    near 17-19 Settlers Blvd, Liberty Grove NSW 2138, Australia
  • Henley Park Playground, Concord

    The playground in Henley Park is located on 1 Castlereagh Street, Concord, New South Wales. This park is located in a residential area. The playground has a slide, 2 climbing nets, a see-saw and a swing set all on soft fall. It is suitable for pre and primary schoolers. The playground is partial shaded by trees. There is a field near the playground for children to run around and play games in and is suitable for pre, primary and high schoolers. The playground is fully fenced.
    1 Castlereagh St, Concord NSW 2137, Australia
  • Rothwell Park Playground, Concord

    Playground:Rothwell Park Playground, Concord
    The Rothwell Park is located on Majors Bay Road in Concord. The play area is fenced and unsheltered. There is play unit with slide, poles, pommel step bridge, see saw, spring rider and some other toys. There is a large oval, good for the kids to run around and kick the ball.
    near 1-3 Majors Bay Road, Concord NSW 2137, Australia

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