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Address: 60-62 Maroa Crescent
Allambie Heights NSW 2100


This beautiful playground is inside Maroa Reserve. It has got plenty of open field space and it is suitable for picnics.Toy equipment includes: 4 swings a solid top flying fox and a toddlers play area. There is also a water tap at the front of the park



Warringah Council ph: (02) 9942 2111

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    Playground:Wandella Reserve
    This grassy playground is located on Wandella Road inside Wandella Reserve. It is inside a residential area and it is unfenced and partially shaded. You can find basic toy equipment: a set of swings, a see-saw and a slide. There is seating availability as well. This park has a bushland backdropto enjoy.
    near 1 Wandella Rd, Allambie Heights NSW 2100, Australia
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    This challenging playground is located on King Street inside King Reserve. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment includes: one fort with tunnel and another fort with slide. Forts are placed in two different areas. A platform seat is available at thsi park as well. There is open field space at the Reserve.
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    Corner of Tottenham and Woodbine St, North Balgowlah NSW 2093, Australia
  • Manly Vale Playground and Community Garden

    Playground:Manly Vale Playground and Community Garden
    A new playground with pretty well everything, it is very cool. Beside a large community garden this playground has a large bucket swing, slides, small climbing wall/car thing, all done is a tasteful emulated natural environment. There is a also a rope climbing tower. No toilets and the shade is very limited, nothing on the equipment in the middle of day. No toilets :( otherwise a great playground. Please take some photos on next visit as it looks much better then this image :)
    near 6 Innes Rd, Manly Vale NSW 2093, Australia

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