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Address: near Blackwood Ave cnr Flanders Ave
Mount Kuring-gai NSW 2080


There is a very basic but lovely playground set under shady trees at Mt Kuring-Gai Park. It's located on the corner of Blackwood and Flanders Avenues. It's fenced. Best suited for younger kids, suitable for toddlers. There is a baby plus a senior swing, a see saw and a play unit with stepping stones, curved balance beam, lookout, slide, monkey bar and sliding and climbing pole. There is an oval beside for older kids to play. You will find a covered picnic area and toilets next to the playground. It's pretty lovely and relaxing place surrounded with large bushland/woodland with good tracks. Nice to see some wildlife and the surrounding beautiful plants, away from the busy city.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Foxglove Oval playground

    Playground:Foxglove Oval playground
    Next to the Foxglove Oval, Mt Colah, is set a well equipped playground, which is fully fenced, unsheltered and rubber soft fall grounded. It is located near Foxglove Rd. The play equipment features three suspended saddles, pommel swing, stand on spinner, spring rider, stepping stones and a play unit which includes fort, monkey bar, chain burmese bridge, pommel step bridge, slide, climbing mat, sliding and climbing poles, shop front and other elements. There is a shaded picnic table at the middle of the playground and a bench at the side. Right next to the play area is the Foxglove Oval (home of Hornsby Touch sports club) which is great for older kids and adults to playing sports and ball games. Car parking is very close.
    near 24 Foxglove Road, Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia
  • Hunt Reserve

    Playground:Hunt Reserve
    This challenging wooden playground is located on the corner of the Pacific Hwy and Beryl St Mount Colah. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide, monkey bars and a set of swings. This reserve offers some bushland creek ans sheltered picnic tables to enjoy.
    near 1 Beryl Avenue, Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia
  • Stonehaven Road Reserve Playground, Mount Colah

    Playground:Stonehaven Road Reserve Playground, Mount Colah
    This playground is located on Stonehaven Road, in Mount Colah. It is unfenced and has nice trees giving some shade. There is a swing set.
    near Stonehaven Road, Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia
  • Landra Ave, Mt Colah playground

    Playground:Landra Ave, Mt Colah playground
    There's a bit of space for running and having fun on this playground. Toys include swings, slide, see-saw and a playhouse. A picnic table overlooks the whole playground. A nice but simple suburban playground.
    near 37 Landra Avenue, Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia
  • Seaview Street playground, Mt Kuring-gai

    Playground:Seaview Street playground, Mt Kuring-gai
    There is a sweet, small playground near the corner of Merrilong Ave and Seaview St in Mount Kuring-gai. It's fully fenced, mostly shaded by trees. Suited for toddlers and younger kids. There is a baby and a senior swing, a springer and a small play hut with curved slide, monkey bar, steps and shop front. Littlies can run around and kick the ball safe as there is some grassy space inside the fence. There is some seating for parents. Lovely place.
    near corner of Merrilong Ave and Seaview Street, Mount Kuring-gai NSW 2080, Australia
  • Oxley Reserve

    Playground:Oxley Reserve
    This playground is located on Beryl Avenue. It is fenced and unshaded. You can find a variety of toy equipment such as a fort with two slide (one for junior and another one for seniors). A playhouse, a set of swings and a rope bridge. Facilities include a basketball court and sheltered pinic tables to enjoy.
    near 92 Beryl Avenue, Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia
  • Orr Park Playground, Mount Colah

    Playground:Orr Park Playground, Mount Colah
    This small playground is set in Orr park, located on Northumberland Avenue in Mount Colah. It is unfenced, naturally shaded and there are swings set.
    near 4 Northumberland Avenue, Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia
  • Parklands Oval, Mount Colah

    Playground:Parklands Oval, Mount Colah
    This good playground is set next to Parklands Oval, located on Parklands Rd cnr Binalong Rd, in Mount Colah. It's fenced, mostly shady by trees and has rubber soft fall underfoot. There is a baby swing for toddlers, a senior swing and a fort with steps, slide, bridge, sliding pole, pommel step bridge, ladder, climbing pole with pommel steps, also abacus and shop front for toddlers. There are nice trees and grass around, great for picnic on a blanket and for the littlies to run around. Also, there is a small track around the play area which is great for the littlies to practice riding bikes and rollers. For older kids can be exciting the oval for community sports games. There is a bus stop nearby on Binalong Rd. Near the playground and the oval starts a big bushland, it can be enjoyable for those who love nature and walking. Nice shady place, good for outdoor activities.
    near 60 Parklands Road, Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia

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