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Address: near 32 Lockwood Street
Merrylands NSW 2160


Kids can play on spring rider or on fort with slide, climbing net and monkey bar. Area behind it is open for running or kicking ball. There's also a bike path. Playground is fenced toward the street and there are three benches aside.



Holroyd City Council
ph: (02) 9840 9840

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Lawson Square

    Playground:Lawson Square
    Lawson Park offers something for everyone. There are tennic courts and large open field for ball games for parents and older children. Younger kids will have plenty of fun on a large play system with slides, bridges, monkey bars, tunnel... If that is not enough, there are also swings and spring riders. For picnics use the shetltered picnic tables, toilets are by Desmond Street. A playhouse and another picnic table are aside toilets.
    Cnr of Creer St & Price St, Merrylands NSW 2160, Australia
  • Alderson Park

    Playground:Alderson Park
    This playgound is located on Dorothy Street. It is fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide, a monkey bar and two spring riders. At the side you can find unsheltered picnic tables.

  • Holroyd Gardens Park

    Playground:Holroyd Gardens Park
    swing: four swingsslide: slide: long slidesSpring Rider: see saw: see saw: single pole see-sawMonkey Bar: climbing net: climbing net: climbing wall: climbing tower: rope bridge: sliding pole: single pole see-sawfort: five fortsbicycle track: bike path for little ones to learn road rulesopen field: toilets: Seat: a couple of benches located around the bike trackSeat: a couple of benches on the playground for little onesBBQ: sheltered BBQ beside each sheltered areaPicnic tables: three sheltered picnic areas with picnic tables parking: plenty of parking space, incl. 4 for disabled {{Playground|Holroyd Gardens Park is a great playground for kids of all ages. It has been recently renewed and is a great place for family picnics. Playground is separated in three areas. One is road safety training track for smaller kids with bikes where they can learn how to behave on the road. The other one is for them to play. It is accessible for all kids incl. the ones with special needs. With colorful floors and many toys for climbing and swinging it offers a lot of entertainment for under fives. The third playground is for a bit older kids and needs supervision. It's a huge playground with many forts and long slides. Skywalk rope tunnel bridge and 6m wildnet skyclimber gives them a lot to play on. If that is not enough there's also a large open area for ball games and running around. A short walk away are three sheltered areas with picnic tables three covered electric BBQs. Toilets are by the big parking lot (plenty of space for cars incl 4 for disabled). Playground is not fenced but it's far enough from the road. |corner of Walpole Street and Brickworks Dr
    Holroyd NSW 2142
    corner of Walpole Street and Brickworks Dr, Holroyd NSW 2142, Australia
  • Barcom Street Park

    Playground:Barcom Street Park
    Barcom Street Park is located on Wanda Street in Maryland. This colorful playground is fenced, unsheltered. There are little trees. You can find running roller, a baby and a senor swing, climbing net, climbing farme with rope bridge, abacus. Benches are available. There is open grassy area, great for sports and ball games. This is a cute, small and perfect place to have fun and play.
    34 Wanda Street, Merrylands West NSW 2160, Australia
  • 11 Hayes Ave, South Wentworthville NSW 2145

    Playground:11 Hayes Ave, South Wentworthville NSW 2145
    11 Hayes Ave, South Wentworthville NSW 2145, Australia
  • Hayes Ave

    Playground:Hayes Ave
    Playground is located beside Oval and is divided in two areas, one for little ones with swings (one baby) and slide and the other one with climbing tower. Benches are beside the playgrounds. Toilets and drinking fountain are on the other side of Oval.
    opposite 9-13 Hayes Ave, South Wentworthville NSW 2145, Australia
  • Fowler Road Park

    Playground:Fowler Road Park
    Fowler Road Park is located on Fowler Road. It is partially fenced, unsheltered. This pretty cute playground is suited for the littlies. There is a small colorful fort with slide, mini swing, spring rider and see saw rocker. You can chill on bench at the side. There is a grassy space, great for littlies to run around and to roll the ball.
    143 Fowler Rd, Merrylands West NSW 2160, Australia
  • Granville Park

    Playground:Granville Park
    This playground is located on Montrose Avenue and inside Granville Park. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find three separate areas. On one area youc an find a set of swings. On a second area youc an find a play system with a monkey bar and sliding poles. On a second area you can find a climbing wall and net. All equipment is placed on a softfall area. Ona third area you can find a climbing wall and net. At the side of this pàrk you can find some seatingand a bike track.
    29 Montrose Ave, Merrylands NSW 2160, Australia

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