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Address: near 70 Ridge St
Gordon New South Wales 2072


Na-rang Park playground is located near 70 Ridge St, Gordon. It is a very nice, fully fenced playground for young children. There are two swings (one baby), see-saw, several single pole see-saws, spring rider and a car shaped playhouse. There is also a drinking fountain, a picnic table and a bench.



Ku-ring-gai Council
ph: (02) 9424 0000

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Gordon Glen

    Playground:Gordon Glen
    Gordon Glen playground is set near 50-52 Dumaresq St, Gordon. Playground is not fenced. It is suitable for preschoolers. It has a slide, swing, see-saw. there is also a bench for parents.
    near 50-52 Dumaresq St, Gordon New South Wales 2072, Australia
  • Pee Wee Park

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    Pee Wee Park is a fenced playground, located at 37 Kiparra Street, Pymble. Children can play on slide, two swings, monkey bar and spring rider. There is enough open area for children to run around and play ball games.
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  • Robert Pymble Park

    Playground:Robert Pymble Park
    At the instersection of Park Crescent and Alma Street there is a lovely fenced playground for smaller children. It is set in a shady area, surrounded by trees. There is a set of two swings (one baby swing), two spring riders, a slide, a single pole merry-go-round and a see saw. Behind the playground there are four tennis courts for high schoolers (or parents) and a public toilet by the tennis courts. A block away there are - Be Cafe, - Plymble Gourmet Pizza, Pasta & Ribs (phone 99831222), - Pymble Gourmet Food & Coffee Lounge amongst other shops on Grandview Street.
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    Kendall Street Reserve is located at 27 Kendall Street, West Pymble. The playground is mostly shaded. Children can play on spring rider. Beside the playground there are two tennis courts. LOCAL MUMS PLEASE TAKE A CAMERA WITH YOU THE NEXT TIME YOU VISIT AND ADD THE DATA, THANK YOU
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  • Yarrawonga Close Reserve

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  • Bicentennial Park (Community Hall), Lofberg Rd

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    Bicentennial Park playground is located at the intersection of Lofberg Road and Inverallan Avenue. Parking is available near by. Surrounded by trees, it is a nice shady park for smaller children. There are swings, a see-saw for four small children and a fort with stairs and slide. Beside the playground there is a picnic table and two tables for table-tennis. Playground is partially fenced with a low fence that has gaps in it.
    Intersection of Lofberg Road and Inverallan Avenue, West Pymble NSW 2073, Australia
  • Gordon Recreation Grounds

    Playground:Gordon Recreation Grounds
    Rosedale Road Playground is set near number 2 Rosedale Rd in a nice suburban area, divided from the street by trees and a fence. There are two forts, connected by a rope bridge with slides and stairs. There are also two spring riders and a swing and a couple of sitting areas for parents (some shaded by trees). Next to the playground there are four tennis courts. Parking is available on the side of the street. Please take a few photos and upload them here to improve this article.
    near 2 Rosedale Rd, Gordon New South Wales 2072, Australia
  • St Andrews Forest

    Playground:St Andrews Forest
    Behind 80 - 82 Spencer Road, Killara, there is a large area. There are tennis court, two playgrounds and a large open area. Children can play on slide and swing. There is sheltered area by the tennis court.
    Behind 80 - 82 Spencer Road, Killara New South Wales 2071, Australia

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