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Address: near 142 Parr Parade
Narraweena NSW 2099


This playground is located on Parr Parade and Ronald Avenue. It is located inside Parr Reserve. The park includes basic toy equipment: a set of swings and a spring rider. It is unfenced and unshaded.



Warringah Council
ph: (02) 9942 2111

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  • Towradgi Reserve

    Playground:Towradgi Reserve
    Simple little local reserve with a see-saw at the end of Towradgi St. Apparently there is a little merry-go-round but I can't see it, maybe you can upload a few photos on your next visit.
    End of Towradgi St, Narraweena NSW 2099, Australia
  • Careden Reserve

    Playground:Careden Reserve
    A pleasant open forest with path linking Careden Ave to Comack Rd. Plenty of grass area to run around and a set of swings to play on. Please update this article uploading a few photos after your next visit.
    End of Careden Ave, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia
  • Nalya Reserve

    Playground:Nalya Reserve
    This playground is located on Nalya Road inside Nalya Reserve. Basic toy equipment includes: one set of swings and one slide. It is unfenced and partially shaded. There is some seating area around the park.
    near 7 Nalya Rd, Narraweena NSW 2099, Australia
  • Warri Reserve

    Playground:Warri Reserve
    This playground is located at the end of Warri Close (and the end of Lascelles Rd North - a foot path links the two streets through the park). It is unfenced and naturally shaded. Basic toy equipment can be found here: one slide, a spring rider and a see saw. A picnic table is located next to this playground.
    End of Warri Close, Narraweena NSW 2099, Australia
  • Princess Mary Reserve

    Playground:Princess Mary Reserve
    This great playground is situated inside Princess Mary Reserve. It is on Princess Marry Street and Mc. Killop Road and it not fenced. This playground is suitable for baby, pre school and primary school kids. Toy equipment consists of two baby swings, one fort with slide and a climbing tower. All equipment is situated on a softfall area.
    near 47 Princess Mary (corner of McKillop Rd) St, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia
  • Lilihinna Reserve

    Playground:Lilihinna Reserve
    This small playground is located on Lillihina Avenue inside Lillihina Reserve. There is basic toy equipment: one slide and one set of swings. It is unfenced and naturally shaded.
    1 Lillihina Ave, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia
  • Kerry Reserve

    Playground:Kerry Reserve
    This playground is inside Kerry Reserve on Kerry Close. It is not fenced and it has got some natural shade. Toy equipment includes two swings.
    End of Kerry Close, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia
  • Beacon Hill Reserve

    There is a fenced playground at Beacon Hill Reserve (Willandra Reserve, Beacon Hill Playing Fields) on Willandra Road, right on top of Beacon Hill. The play equipment is set on rubber soft fall underfoot and includes, fort, slides, safely sitting merry go round, climbing wall, spring riders, climbing net, sliding and climbing poles, spinner, climbing frames and benches for the parents. You can find grassland around, great for running, ball ames or even to flying kite. There is a lookout for more experience and joy. Car parking available. Parents, you can improve this article by uploading some photos.
    near 26 Willandra Road, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, Australia

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