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Address: opposite 30 Morshead Drive
Connells Point NSW 2221


This big rubber playground offers fun for everyone. There are forts witht slides, monkey bars, swings, spring riders and much more. Picnic table and some benches are scattered around. Next to the playground is a basketball court and an open area where kids can run around. Parking is available coming in from Rickard St.

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Duggan Park

    Playground:Duggan Park
    This small playground is situated at Duggan Park on Greenacre Rd. It is unfenced, unsheltered. There is a play system with climbing frames, slide and tunnel, swings and spinner. The grassy area around is great for some sports and ball games. There are picnic tables around under pretty nice and shady trees. Good for some afternoon relax and activity.
    81 Greenacre Rd, Connells Point NSW 2221, Australia
  • Condor Crescent Reserve

    Playground:Condor Crescent Reserve
    This is a quite large area amongst the houses in the suburbian area. Kids have lots of space to run around or play ball games. Toys include swings. Please help make this article better and add some photos and comments, thank you
    near 124 Connells Point Road, Sydney NSW 2221, Australia
  • Bell Park, Denman St

    Playground:Bell Park, Denman St
    This playground is set at Bell Park on the corner of Denman St and Hurstville Rd. Unfenced, unsheltered, suitable for toddlers. The play equipment includes an interesting climbing set with climbing wall, climbing ropes, monkey bar and other interesting elements. Also spring riders, stand on spinner and a baby and a senior swing. The grassy space is good for some sports and ball games or just run around that littlies enjoy.
    22 Denman St, Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia
  • Moore Reserve

    Playground:Moore Reserve
    Seymour Reserve is a part of Moore Reserve, where you can find picnic tables, BBQ and toilets. Playground is located behind an impressive stone wall gateway. Kids can play on two spring riders, swings or on playsytem with forts, slides, tunnel and lots of things to climb on. All in all a nice place for the whole day and the whole family. Please help make this article better and add some photos and comments, thank you
    near 64 Seymour Street, Hurstville Grove NSW 2220, Australia
  • Connells Point Reserve

    Playground:Connells Point Reserve
    This ample playground is located on Kyle Parade. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a play system with a slude and a paltform bridge and a scale swing. At the back of this park there is a simulation of a basketball court for younger kids. This park offers toilets and parking areas.
    163 Kyle Parade, Connells Point NSW 2221, Australia
  • West Street Reserve

    Playground:West Street Reserve
    This colourful playground is located on West Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a play system with a slide, a monkey bar, a bridge and a set of swings. All equipment is placed on a softfall area. At the front of this park you can find some seating.
    212A West St, Blakehurst NSW 2221, Australia
  • Oatley Pleasure Grounds

    Playground:Oatley Pleasure Grounds
    This small but lovely playground is set at Oatley Pleasure Grounds on Annette St, Oatley. Unfenced, unsheltered but shaded by trees. Suitable for toddlers as there is a swing with harness. Furthermore, there is a fort with slide, climbing wall and climbing frames, sliding pole, small tunnel, springer, senior swing and a big net swing for more kids to sit on it and swing together. You can find picnic tables, so don't forget to pack some snacks, especially if you like to bushwalk as there are enjoyable walk paths, sure, you will be hungry. Toilets are available, too. There are benches to chill, even, you can picnic and lounge on a blanket in the grass. The views of Oatley Bay gives nice feel to this park. As the name says it is a pretty pleasurable place, excellent for the family to relax together. Especially will like those who like natural places. You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
    near LOT 20 Annette Street, Oatley NSW 2223, Australia
  • Todd Park

    Playground:Todd Park
    This wonderful playground can be found on Bunyala Street, Sydney.It is fenced so it is very safe for kids. A short distance from the playground is a petrol station. There is also an open field quite close suitable for skating.
    near 36 Bunyala St, Blakehurst NSW 2221, Australia

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