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Address: 18 Smalls Creek Way
Beaumont Hills NSW 2155


This playground is located on Smalls Creek Way. It is unfenced and unshaded. Toy equipment looks like a castle which is pretty cool. Among toy equipment you can find: one fort with slide at one area. At another area you can find some seating area. Park also includes a bike track. Additionally to the park there is some bushland backdrop.



The Hills Shire Council
ph: (02) 9843 0555

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    There is a small playground situated at Roy Dudley Park on Bramton Dr.The play area is unfenced,unsheltered.Has big open area for some games,bike path and shady trees around.The toys:forth with different climbers frames including net, ladders, slides and other toys. You can find covered picnic table.
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  • Beaumont Dr Playground,Beaumont Hills,NSW

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    This playground is set on Beaumont Dr.can be accessed from Hester Way. Two play area,one is fenced for younger kids.There are sheltered with sails.Has big open grassy area for many games.Shady trees around.Near the bike path or walk.The equipments are includes fort system with two slides,ladders,climbing frames,poles,swings and some climbing frames.There is covered picnic table,seats,car parking.
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    A big playground with many climbing toys and a large grassy area for ball games or running around. It's not fenced and there's no shade either.
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    Mungerie Playground is located on Bellcast Rd, near the new Rouse Hill town centre. This new playground is in the historic precinct surrounding the Mungerie House. The playground was designed for all age groups and all abilities. The playground caters for imaginative open-ended role playing, and water play, as well as providing some more traditional play equipment. A whimsical reptilian “life form” weaves the space together and provides a colourful focus to the playground. Custom designed kinetic sound sculptures also offer hidden surprises for those wishing to explore. Talk tubes and crazy mirrors complete the fun for the younger ages. Parents are afforded comfortable seating overlooking the playground from vine covered pergolas subtly separating the public walkway and the playground. Also, there are tennis and sports courts, swimming pool and bike/walk paths for more activities. A Really cool place, sure, kids will adore! Parents, you can help to make this article better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
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    The Ettamogah Pub is a place for the whole family. Outside playground is located in a large beer garden where parents can seat and observe their children. It is a playground for all ages. Pub offers different menues, there are toilets inside and lots of parking space up front (including 6 for disabled). For more info check
    Cnr Merriville & Windsor Rds, Kellyville Ridge NSW 2155, Australia
  • Kindilen Close

    Playground:Kindilen Close
    This park is located on Kindilen Close. It is fenced and unshaded. This is a great park with two areas of play. Area one includes a challenging slide, two climbing nets, two sliding poles, a set of swings and a climbing wall for older kids. Area two includes: one fort with slide and a spring rider for younger kids. The area includes one picnic table as well. Around the park there is a cycle path.
    2 Kindilen Close, Rouse Hill NSW 2155, Australia

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