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Address: Junction Street
Old Guildford NSW


Although this playground located on the corner of Junction Street & The Prominade in Old Guildford is rather small, it boasts a large 700 meter bicycle track, sports fields and plenty of open grass fields for the kids to entertain themselves. As equipment you can find rotating cylinder for balancing, fort with slide, climbing net, spiral pole,spiral monkey bar and other kind of climbing frames, also swings. At the side you can find benches.



Fairfield City Council
ph: (02) 9725 0222

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Yennora Park

    Playground:Yennora Park
    This playground is accessible from both Fairfield Street & Wentworth Parade in Yennora. It is very well shaded due to the large established trees and offers entertainment for all ages of kids. Being equipped with a large bicycle track and open grass area allows entertainment for the older kids, while the younger kids entertain themselves on the playground and the adults relax in the shade around a picnic table.
    Fairfield Street, Yennora NSW, 2161, Australia
  • Maurice O'Connell Reserve

    This playground is located on Salisbury Road inside Maurice O'Connell Reserve. It is fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a set of swings (one for babies and another one for older kids) and a fort with a slide and a sliding barrel.
    38A Salisbury Rd, Guildford Nueva Gales del Sur 2161, Australia
  • Montrose Park

    Playground:Montrose Park
    This is a very basic, but enjoyable playground. It has plenty of open space for the kids to run around in and is located on the quiet street of Montrose Avenue in Fairfield East. There are trees for shade; however no shade on the playground area.
    near 21 Montrose Avenue, Fairfield East NSW 2165, Australia
  • Harris St, Guildford NSW 2161

    Playground:Harris St, Guildford NSW 2161
    Although this is a small playground, it is completely fenced off and safe for the kids to amble around in. The playground is located on the corner of Harris Street & Guildford Road in Guildford. There is ample shade and a sheltered picnic table for the adults to relax around.
    Harris Street, Guildford NSW 2161, Australia
  • Guildford Park

    Playground:Guildford Park
    This playground is located on Woodstock Street. It is fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a merry go round, a see-saw, play system with a monkey bar with a slide and a spring rider. At the back you can find a set of swings and at the sides there is a sheltered and unsheltered picnic tables and seats. This park offers plenty of facilities such as a cricket pitches and nets, a basketball and netball court.
    80-86 Woodstock St, Guildford NSW 2161, Australia
  • Hilwa Park

    Playground:Hilwa Park
    This playground is located on Hilwa Street in Villawood. There is a large climbing tower which is suitable for all ages as well as a small bicycle path and some open grass area. Although there are toilets here, they are only opened on request for park events. There is a shopping complex located alongside the park which has various stores and services on offer.
    Hilwa Street, Villawood NSW, 2163, Australia
  • Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve

    This playground is located on Campbell Hill Road. It is unfenced and shaded. As toy equipment you can find two set of swings, a fort with a slide and monkey bars around. One set of swings is on a softfall area. This is a great place and offers a varity of facilities such as a bocce area, walking trails, basketball courts, barbecue and picnic facilities. Around this park you can find a bike track and parking. Sorry for the lack of photos.
    LOT 2 Campbell Hill Rd, Guildford NSW 2161, Australia
  • Arnett Park

    Playground:Arnett Park
    Arnett Park is at the corner of Fowler Rd and Alber St. It is a very simple and pleasant park. It has two entrances, one from each street. There are only a slide and swings (also for toddlers) which are partialy shaded. You can park on Fowler Rd and Alber St. There is also a bus station on the corner of Alber St.
    124 Fowler Road, Guildford NSW 2161, Australia

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