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Address: Epping Road
Lane Cove North NSW


This playground is located on Epping Road in Lane Cove North and has plenty of trees providing lots of shade, both on the playground and the surrounding grass area. The playground and basketball court means that there are activities for kids of all ages to enjoy.



Lane Cove Council
ph: (02) 9911 3555

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Mindarie St Playground

    Playground:Mindarie St Playground
    This cool playground is set on Mindarie St. It is fully fenced, shady by nice trees and suitable for toddlers. There is a fort with steering wheel, noughts and crosses, simple and spiral slide, small tunnel, fireman's pole, climbing wall, climbing ropes, climbing spider net, also you can find a baby plus a senior swing, a stand on spinner and spring rider. There is a tennis wall for older kids. For the lazy parents there is a bench and a picnic table, pack some snacks, some book and relax. There is small space for ball games, but enough for the littlies to run around. Lovely place, great for relax.
    near 27 Mindarie Street, Lane Cove North NSW 2066, Australia
  • Cullen Street Playground

    Playground:Cullen Street Playground
    This is a lovely park for toddlers in suburbian area. It is fenced and sun sheltered. Toys include small climbing tower, four swings (two baby), fort with slide and another slide for little ones. There's also a spring rider and a climbing net. All in all a nice place for afternoon on fresh air.
    near 20 Cullen Street, Lane Cove West NSW 2066, Australia
  • Mulhall Park

    Playground:Mulhall Park
    This playground is located on River Avenue inside a residential area. It is partially fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find: one fort with slide, two spring riders and a set of swings. There is some seating beside this park as well.
    86 River Ave, Chatswood West NSW 2067, Australia
  • Kooyong Rd, Riverview NSW 2066

    Playground:Kooyong Rd, Riverview NSW 2066
    This playground is set on Kooyong Road. It is partially fenced and naturally shaded. As toy equipment you can find a set of swings and a play system with a slide and a rope bridge. This park has got a bushland backdrop which serves as shade. At the side of the park you can find an unsheltered picnic table.
    19 Kooyong Rd, Riverview NSW 2066, Australia
  • O H Reid Memorial Park

    Playground:O H Reid Memorial Park
    This playground is located on Reid Drive inside Reid Memorial Park. It is unfenced and unshaded. There is a set of swings as basic toy equipment. At the side of the park you can find an unsheltered picnic table and seating. This park also offers public art, a sports area and parking.
    1 Reid Dr, Chatswood West NSW 2067, Australia
  • Marjorie York Reserve playground

    Playground:Marjorie York Reserve playground
    This playground is on the Marjorie York Reserve on the Tambourine road. A bus stop is right there, so the transport is excellent. Fully fenced and very shady by lot of wood. It is for older children, not for toddlers. There are seats for the parents and a picnic table. The equipment of the playground are: 2 swings, a road roller toy, a climbing see saw toy, a cube toy with a hole (like a little tunel), 2 simple slides, 1 tunel slide with a rope bridge and a spiral sliding pole. It's a well-equipped one, but unfortunately the ball games are prohibited. Beside the playground is the York's Corner with a coffee shop where can by some foods and desserts. There are also a toy library, a pharmacy, a family medical practice, a beauty saloon, etc. It's a nice woody & shady place for a picnic with the children on warm days.
    near 61 Tambourine Bay Road, Riverview NSW 2066, Australia
  • Blackman Park

    Playground:Blackman Park
    There is a small but lovely playground on Penrose Street at Blackman Park. It is suitable for toddlers as there is a bay swing. Kids can enjoy sliding, swinging and playing on other elements as flying fox, monkey bar and sliding pole. Also some grassy spaces running around and kick the ball. The parents can chill and snacks on picnic table beside the play equipment. There is a small car parking. Nice woody relaxing place.
    near 92 Penrose Street, Lane Cove West NSW 2066, Australia
  • Stringy Bark Creek Reserve

    Playground:Stringy Bark Creek Reserve
    This playground is situated on Murray Street in Lane Cove North. It has a beautiful setting with lots of trees providing plenty of shade for all. There is a large amount of equipment on offer for the younger kids to entertain themselves on, while the older kids make use of the open grass areas. There are a picnic tables scattered around in the shade of the trees.
    Murray Street, Lane Cove North NSW, 2066, Australia

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